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Rpg connect 3 for hire!
rpgconnect3 at 5:42AM, Oct. 19, 2008
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Anybody want one shot mangas done you can ask for me to help. just please:
-be very accurate with your characters appearance if you can't draw
-oneshots usually take me a month in advance to finish so please be patient.
-your story must not exceed over 20 pages.
-and i am subjected to choose which story interest me the most do do first.
+ i am not a story thief so your idea is safe with me,in fact the only reason why i am doing this is because all i am doing is waiting for the date to release my work.
so you can send the title synopsis. characters theme etc. i will email the comic to you and you post it up as comic created by you.Assistance is all the credit i need.
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