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Ruling/Paneling a Comic
Kodesu at 8:29PM, July 11, 2010
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I'm using Photoshop and need a point in the right direction as far as techniques for making panels for a comic. I intend to keep a static number of panels for the most part, but on the rare occasion I'll have to change it up; so creating a template seems the way to go. I just picked up CS4 some time ago, and I'm totally stumped!

Thank you in advance!
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Luminous at 9:20PM, July 11, 2010
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Hi :D

First off, disclaimer- I've never used Photoshop, but I have used Paint Shop Pro and worked with layers and all that stuff, so I might be able to help a bit.

Anyway, if you're keeping the same number of panels, like a strip or something, I'd say yes, it'd be easiest to make a template. Personally, if I were making a comic like this, I'd make a new file with at least two layers - one for the boxes, and another layer under that with the drawings. That way you can reuse the panels, since they're on a seperate layer.

As for creating layers, like I said, I've never used CS4, but there should be a little box listing your layers off to the side, or an option in the menu at the top or something. Then select that top layer and make some boxes - Photoshop should have a shape-making tool if you want straight, uniform boxes, or you could freehand them with the pen or paintbrush tool for a messy, handdrawn look. Then you can create another layer beneath that one to draw the comic.

If I typed that up too confusingly (which I probably did, I'm terrible at this), I'll do my best to answer questions, or I'm sure there's someone else with Photoshop-specific knowledge who can help more :] Good luck!

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BlkKnight at 9:22PM, July 11, 2010
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That's pretty much what you need to do. Definitely keep it on a different layer and large enough to work with.
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