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Jeimuzu at 5:35AM, March 7, 2007
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I am Jeimuzu, was led here by a comic artist who goes by the name of Kagomas.
I am a sprite comic artist, and my most recent work is found on and is called Hopelessly Demonic.
Although that comic is going to be redone from the start, as a drawn manga, and bits of the story and characters will be tweakedm burned and melded into something worthwhile.

I might make a random comic here at some point, probably a 16 bit sprite comic, but I might be getting my Hopelessly Demonic manga hosted here too when I have finished the frame work.

Anyways, say your hellos, or ignore.

Later, peeps.
“Toilets of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but you chains! Break the cistern!” - Jeimuzu, 2007
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vgman at 8:19AM, March 7, 2007
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RIP TD :cry2:
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WingNut at 8:36AM, March 7, 2007
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Greetings laddie! Welcome to the duck.


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Priest_Revan at 1:55PM, March 7, 2007
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Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


Offering Project Wonderful Ad space on my website.
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Adariel at 10:26PM, March 7, 2007
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Welcome to DD, i shall now join Captain Wingnut in his endeavor MWA AH HA HA HA HA HA HA
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Will at 12:11AM, March 8, 2007
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hey man, i'm not too much of a fan of sprite comics, but your work looks pretty good (i like your avvy!)
i'm sure you will find many good guys and gals here who arent completely insane (i'm looking at you wingnut) and make lots of new friends.

i reccomend you visit #drunkduck's IRC channel, there is a link under the sticky “IRC moments…” in general discussion thread.

apart from that, welcome! i hope you enjoy reading countless comics, and if you love gir your time here will go a lot more smoothly :D
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F_Allen at 5:29AM, March 8, 2007
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howdy dude
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Failing Hope at 6:35AM, March 10, 2007
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um… yeah i am new here and i have two things posted… one is a comic… and the other is just a drawing….so yeah check it out!
…..its me and i can't be anything more… SO FUCK OFF!
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Priceman at 9:23AM, March 10, 2007
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Hey, how's it going? Belly up to the bar and join the rest of us drunks.
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