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Saw Spidey 3! (no spoilers, please)
magickmaker at 1:41PM, May 7, 2007
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Apparently a lot of people disagree with me, but I really liked this movie. It was really funny, though the scenes with the Sandman were kinda stressed and when they put drama in it just seemed kinda laughable. Still, this was definetly my favorite of the three.
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PhatScurl at 1:46PM, May 7, 2007
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Has anybody else noticed that this is the first movie that Spiderman actually defeats his foe. In every other movie the villain ends up taking himself out but this was a first.

But he still didn't KILL the enemy, they can't have spiderman kill somebody not unless they are a powerless robber of a cage wrestling ring. O no, that'd be to scary for the small children!
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ccs1989 at 1:57PM, May 7, 2007
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Yeah, the American Flag scene was HILARIOUS.

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-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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Inkmonkey at 2:17PM, May 7, 2007
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Well, the robber goes right back to the villain defeating himself. Spidey spooked him, but it was the robber who ran backwards and tripped to fall out of a window.

Not to say that Pete wouldn't have killed him at that point, but still…
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Maxw3ll at 2:31PM, May 7, 2007
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Saw it. Loved it. That being said, I do have some gripes:

2). Letting Sandman go? Yea, that's smart. A villian cries and he's instantly forgiven? C'mon.

Venom was awesome! Bring on Carnage!

If he didn't let Sandman leave, then he could have revealed his trues identity to the world. You know that parade scene? How didn't the people not notice him when he wasn't wearing his mask.

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mechanical_lullaby at 2:20AM, May 8, 2007
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The best of the three: yes.
The worst ending of the three: yes.
Really riveting fight scenes: yes.
Only three people died, and Mecha was COMPLETELY disappointed: yes.

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jalford at 4:09AM, May 8, 2007
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Aside from the 0.005% of the NY population who already know what Spidey looks like unmasked, either the guys on the subway train he saved or other random guys who might've gotten a glimse at him(remember the thugs he fought in the first film with his mask off?), thanks to the little public kiss he made with Gwen, it's now at least a fact that Spidey's a white guy. 'Course, you could pretty much tell that from his corny dialogue.

That one kid in the audience who was going “No! No!” is probably the smartest dude in the whole movie.
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Tyrapendragon at 9:00AM, May 8, 2007
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Yeah, Pete should have listened to that kid. The group I went with were all saying “No, NO” along with the kid.
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Mystic Hand at 10:34AM, May 8, 2007
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For those who haven't seen this yet, here's Marvel vs. DC (done in the style of the Mac vs. PC commercials):

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jalford at 3:16PM, May 8, 2007
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Notice how New Goblin(or Goblin Jr)'s new costume had all these upgrades from the original Green Goblin movie costume, except for one key item? A freakin' HELMET to protect your vengence-ridden skull from crashing into a wall at 75 mph and falling 10 stories, which conveniently gives him amnesia for the next third of the movie while the other villain has a chance to show up. Norman Osborne was at least smart enough to wear a helmet, even when he was half-crazed by his own inner-demons, but apparenltly Harry thought the “paintball” look would be more stylish.
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 6:21PM, May 8, 2007
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I liked it. That is all. Obviously criticisms have no purpose.
i will also like to know you the more
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OllieFreak at 10:07AM, May 9, 2007
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I really liked it.
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SpANG at 7:59AM, June 11, 2007
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Saw it. It sucked web balls. I don't see how anyone could actually even think this was better than (or even in the same league with) the 2 movies that came before it. Spider-Man 2 was a nearly PERFECT movie. This was not even close.

First of all, character development. There was none. the whole angsty emo crap really turns me off to begin with. But the biggest thing that bugs me is the character MJ. In the comice, Mary Jane is Peter's rock. Always self-assured, always someone that Pete can lean on after fighting the bad guys. Which is poetic, because Peter is so powerful, but still needs someone like that in his life. In the movie, she's never confident and damaged by her abusive father. The “rewrite” of this character was a mistake from the get go.
Why even have Gwen Stacey in it? That whole thing with her was stupid. And NOBODY was having any fun or was confident in their life. Except Aunt May. AUNT MAY! WTF!

Secondly, the bad guys. Too many! This was, of course, because there was no plot, and they needed to fill up the movie somehow.
The Venom/symbiote story stunk, and must have been written by someone that never read the comic. Everything about the deveopment of this storyline was about coincidence and pure luck. The symbiote landing right by Peter's bike? The symbiote staying all dormant until Peter puts it on again? Peter going all emo was kind of cool up util the stupid dancing parts. What the hell??? Not even funny, just stupid and pointless.
Goblin Jr was just stupid. No development at all, just a stagnant story line that is forgotten and then remembered again. meh. Horrible.
The only character that had any redeeming quality was the Sandman, and his character didn't get developed at all. It's a shame, because they could have just written a quality Sandman movie and could have rocked.

Crappy CGI almost across the board. You could always tell. Especially that one scene with the black Spidey. It was like watching a cartoon! Only cool CGI were the Sandman parts and the symbiote crawling effects.

The only thing I can think of why they used so much CGI, and why it was so bad is because they were paying the live actors too much to begin with! Speaking of which….

I won't miss either of these two if they are left out of the next movie. Kirsten Dunst is pretty, but she is not a model/knockout like MJ is supposed to be. Tobey McGuire is getting too old and fat, too. :(

Lastly, the direction. Sam Ramey needs to knock it off with all the “dramatic” scenes! It dragged out the movie to painful proportions, and were totally unnecessary in most cases. Congrats, Sam. The francise is now ruined. Not that there won't be more, but you and several other people can be blamed for ruining it ala Batman.

I'd rate it a 2 out of 5
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bluebot092 at 9:03AM, June 15, 2007
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well the last fight scen spidey vs venom ended dumb it was 2 short for me and besides shouldnt carnage be in one i mean give venoms son a chance
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