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Saw V and VI
Walrus at 12:07PM, Aug. 12, 2008
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Saw Five is due this october.
I've only seen the 1st one and it was good, not great, so I'm not so sure about the fourth sequel. Hopefully it'll be good, but I've heard that after Saw III the Saw franchise sucked.

Not much information here, so if you find some more please post it here.
I can't really say anything about this movie since I have no idea what the plot may even be.
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Closet_Monster at 12:39PM, Aug. 16, 2008
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Can't wait, the last four were awesome.
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jalford at 10:44AM, Aug. 21, 2008
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When are they gonna do the Saw prequal trilogy with young Jigsaw on Tattooine?
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Signz at 11:44AM, Aug. 21, 2008
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SAW was brilliant… i loved the idea of it and the gore factor. but the new movies are slowly sucking… more… and more…..

hopefully they stop it soon. i'll still go see it though
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SarahN at 1:43PM, Aug. 21, 2008
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This REALLY should've stopped on the first one. The concept isn't strong enough to drag on for FIVE freakin' movies….but everyone still goes to see them. Ugh. If people think this is the height of horror nowadays…then that's pretty damn lame.

I saw the first and second (the second because it was on tv), it's just a slasher with weird contraptions involved, and always with a bit of a twist at the end because directors seem to think that's essential with horror nowadays. The guy behind it all, John or something, wasn't even interesting…and nothing he said made any sense, and not even in a clever Riddler-ish sort of way. He just seemed like a moron with an obvious puppet fetish.

At least Dr. Phibes had some class. >_>
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