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Scanner or Tablet?
Tanman2 at 4:46PM, Aug. 30, 2009
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Hey guys, (This is probably not the right category…) I have been wondering for a long time should I get a pen tablet? Or a Scanner? Let me know…
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HippieVan at 6:55PM, Aug. 30, 2009
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Yeah, not the right category.

Anyways, I use both. I have a tablet, but I still like to do the first sketch on plain ol' paper, then scan it in.
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elektro at 7:41PM, Aug. 30, 2009
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Depends on what you can afford. A decent tablet and a decent scanner are both very pricey purchases. It also depends on whether you prefer to draw stuff by hand or on a computer.

Personally, I use both. I have a tablet for digital work, but I still like to get back to basics and just draw on a piece of paper.
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Tanman2 at 9:24PM, Aug. 30, 2009
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this is not really helping me :/ I can only afford one.
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Hawk at 10:07PM, Aug. 30, 2009
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It's not the best question, since tablets and scanners don't really perform the same tasks. If you think a tablet could replace a scanner by allowing you to digitally draw the things you would have scanned, you'll be disappointed. Drawing straight to the computer has a steep learning curve.

But here's something to consider. Scanners are cheap. You can get one for $50 and it'll do most of the things you want, especially if you're just scanning line art so you can color it on the computer. And if you're digitally coloring scanned images you can do that with a mouse until you've saved enough money for a tablet.

Also, this IS the wrong area to discuss this. I'm moving it.
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ozoneocean at 1:11AM, Aug. 31, 2009
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Yeah, this is the right area in tips and tricks ^_^
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Astar at 4:44AM, Aug. 31, 2009
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Not an easy question to answer, but since I have both. I'd say I use the tablet much more often. I have an old intuos2 A5 in drawing size, quite old and it's still working perfectly. The intuos is quite expensive, the Bamboo range seems much better priced (I'd ask someone that owns one to let you try it). As it has been pointed, it does take some time to get used to it, but nothing to dramatic.

Of course you'll need a scanner too, but nowadays they are cheap. Hey! I wouldn't be too surprised if someone you know has one they don't use anymore because they bought a printer that does all.

I hope this helps. And whatever you decide, you can't realy go wrong.
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 12:22PM, Aug. 31, 2009
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scanners are only good for b&w images, really…
AND, whatever you can do with a tablet, you can do with a mouse (it's just a bit harder).
I'd say go with a tablet though. I don't like scanners. I use my digital camera to import my pages, because it keeps the colors intact. (I use a tripod and tape it to the bathroom wall.. and if you want to use this method, it's great! BUT DON'T USE THE FLASH!)
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megan_rose at 2:44PM, Aug. 31, 2009
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When I got my tablet, I completely abandoned my scanner. Seriously. The cat barfed on it, and I didn't even care. I just tossed the scanner. Because my tablet means I just draw everything on the computer, and I don't need the scanner.

Of course, I have a Cintiq. If I'd had a choice between an Intuos and a scanner, I'd've picked the scanner. I have to have my eyeballs and my hands in the same place to draw.

Just think of it this way. If you really, really, really need to scan something, you can always take it somewhere to be scanned for a small fee. But you can't find many places that will rent you a tablet.
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Ryuthehedgewolf at 4:11PM, Aug. 31, 2009
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Depends on what kind of comic you want to make, really.

If your going for black and white (like me) then just get the scanner. However, make sure it's interesting to look at, and not just line-art. Like, try to fill in areas with black, make it look good.

However, if your doing color, get the tablet. You can just draw it all out with the tablet, and then color it with that. Unless of course, you just want to use colored pencils, like prismacolors, but for the most part, most people just do digital coloring.

So it's really up to you.
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that kid yellow at 3:44PM, Sept. 4, 2009
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I have both but im an inker so I scan all my drawings and snd it over to someone to color. I only use my tablet to color every blue moon if I have the chance.
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