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Scienterrific Study: Spiders on Drugs
dangerfunk at 12:45AM, Aug. 16, 2007
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My flatmate just showed me this. I thought it was quite informative.
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Kohdok at 1:17PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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That is wonderful!
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vgman at 6:43PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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My head, stomach, and sides all hurt like hell now.
RIP TD :cry2:
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herio at 8:53PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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he he smart spiders

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maritalbliss at 11:47PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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Now, only a few more modifications…get myself bit…and lookout Peter Parker—you whinerbaby!
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deletedbyrequest03 at 1:39AM, Aug. 17, 2007
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Heh… yeah… I remember this one. It seems like it's a real study, until you get to the part about kicking ass.

Tons of it.

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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Dark Clown at 9:56AM, Aug. 17, 2007
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hahaha that was a good laugh.
*walks away having lost all respect for himself for laughing so hard yet not admitting it*

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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Lord Shplane at 4:11PM, Aug. 18, 2007
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Wow, Canadians did something good for once.

Imma put this in my videos.
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crazyninny at 12:37PM, Aug. 22, 2007
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Wow… Nature is getting so much more intersting these days…
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