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Seeking an artist that can create a banner, possibly more.
gilbertmaxter at 8:52PM, Oct. 24, 2010
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Alright I have had my comic out for months I love it and try to make the best I can with it. but the one thing that always ticks me off is the banner I have for it. It's not that it's bad it's just pretty plain and doesn't fit the design of the comic layout anymore. I am looking for a artist that can make me something nice that represents my comic I am willing to pay a few bucks for something really nicely done. And if you can get maybe button gif's of that nature I will definitely pay a lil more. thank you in advance for reading my post. the comic link is right here, so check it out read it and try to feel for my comic and design anything that comes to mind. thank you
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TheFuture at 10:17PM, Jan. 6, 2011
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Hmm… I may be a terrible artist in the widely thought of term of the word, but I'm a pretty darn good graphic designer… I also know how to make banners and button banners too… I dunno. I'll see what I can do.

I'll do it for free too, granted you plug me two or three times in your comic. :D
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