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Seeking an artist to collaborate on my next comic
theleast at 8:30PM, Nov. 27, 2006
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Okay, one of my reasons for cutting down my update schedule for Crimson Dark is because I want to start work on a second project, but I've realised I can't do it alone.

I'm seeking an artist for a a Fantasy serial, beginning as a webcomic but designed with the print medium in mind. I'm unable to pay any real wages, but any profits would be split and we may be able to negotiate some kind of pittance for your efforts.

Stylistically, I'm aiming for gritty realism: dirty, medieval streets, realistically proportioned characters who dress sensibly and wield plain, simple weapons, and no elves or dwarves. Dragons of many shapes and sizes will be a central part of the story.

I would play a big role in the design process, providing maps, concept sketches and basic layouts. I have been building this world for a number of years now. But the artist would be given a lot of freedom in terms of composition and detail, and I'm open to suggestions and changes.

Ideally, I'd like an artist who can pencil, ink and colour - but I'll colour and/or ink the pages myself if it helps. Update schedule would be once or twice a week, depending on the artist's commitments.

If you're interested in helping (you rock!), please provide a link to a site showing samples of your work - either in this forum, or via PQ.
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c5comics at 11:58PM, Dec. 13, 2006
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This sounds very interesting. I am currently working on a web comic called Sam X. Here are a few of sites you can review my work:,, I have a wide range of art style. If you would be intrested just let mw know. Thanks.

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