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Seeking: Artist for Short Comic
Sakibou2 at 4:38AM, Nov. 13, 2007
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When I say short, think a prologue as well as a few chapters. About the length of a one volume manga, to be specific.

As far as style goes…I'll take anything into consideration, but I was thinking perhaps semi-realistic with a bit of an anime feel to it.

Here's a summary of what I have in mind:

The story centers around a boy by the name of Christoph. In his childhood, Christoph had a very close friend by the name of Bastian. When Christoph's father was murdered after getting mixed up in some sketchy business, his mother was forced to send he and his sister, Jessabelle, away for their own safety, and for many years, Bastian and Christoph would hear nothing more of each other…

One day, however, Christoph and his sister do return. After living in the closest thing to poverty they'd ever had to endure for so long, returning home should have been a happy time, but things begin to go wrong soon after their arrival. The exact circumstances of their father's death come to light, their mother's mental condition is showing no signs of improvement, and the one thing that could have made things even just a little bit better for Christoph, seeing his childhood friend again, turns out to be perhaps the worst of it all.

Christoph was hurt when he found out that Bastian was getting married (to say the least), but nothing could have prepared him for the full reality of the situation. Cassandra, the spoiled and manipulative daughter of a very high ranking official, the very last person Christoph could have ever imagined his friend being in love with, is the one to whom Bastian is to be married. Aside from that, and thankfully so, Bastian himself doesn't seem to have changed a bit. But even that happy bit of information soon loses its spark, for it doesn't take long for Christoph and his sister to realize that Bastian doesn't seem to remember having ever met Christoph in his life!

But how can that be? How could someone who had been so close to Christoph forget that he'd ever existed? Jessabelle knows right away that something is wrong, and she is determined, for her brother's sake, to find out exactly what it is.

It's set in late 19th century Europe and, as you can see, is a bit more on the realistic side than the stories that most manga seem to be made up of. However, I truly believe that I could transform this story of mine into a worth-reading comic (it was originally–and still is–intended to be a novel). So, if anyone thinks they may be interested, post here or feel free to PQ me! Also, if you'd like a bit more information on the characters, go here:
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