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Genejoke at 11:29PM, Sept. 5, 2010
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This is a pointless debate, women belong in in the kitchen if they are ugly and bedroom if they are sexy. end of.

As for women thinking radically different from men being genetic… I don't think it is as much down to genes as many think. Very much like the nature versus nurture debate about personality, it is a mixture of both. We are not that different.

Sexism exists and always will, it swings both ways and varies from country to country but I think it is slowly improving but at this point (in most western countries) the law has gone far enough it is just waiting for society to catch up, which it never will because as I always say, people are idiots.
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El Cid at 6:13AM, Sept. 6, 2010
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One of my favorite Killface lines… Frisky Dingo, Season 2, when he's giving that speech to the feminists:

“…and it says right here in Deuteronomy, ‘A woman must not dress like a man.’ And I see a lot of pants out there, ladies! Maybe that's why God's given you all so much breast and ovarian cancer! You gonna' wear pants to your mastectomy?!”


This discussion's going downhill fast.
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Plague Doctor at 12:24PM, Sept. 6, 2010
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El Cid
This discussion's going downhill fast.

This type of discussion's are usually pointless and predictable to begin with
But it's fun to debate about it lol!
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imshard at 1:21PM, Sept. 6, 2010
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Well I've said my piece. Then had it taken apart and twisted into almost opposite meanings. Allow me to recap:

Essentially: our society is not sexist in and of itself. Yes sexism exists, yet our society and culture allows anybody to override it. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I've seen the results of spousal abuse. I know what it looks like to rescue a woman from an oppressive home. Witnessed a woman pursue and get better wages than male counterparts. I volunteer my time to this exact cause. But that's the beautiful thing about western society: we have recourse to sexism. That alone should tell you something.

And there is a difference between sexism and normal healthy gender roles. Roles which you can incidentally choose for yourself or reject them altogether and change at will without fear.

To me sexism not a “problem” in society like poverty, prison overcrowding, cancer, or institutional corruption (to name a few). You know; things for which we don't have a reliable process in place to correct them.

So to answer to the original question “Is this still a problem in western society?”:
I'd have to answer no.
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