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Silent Hill Movie
Thevampire_kain01 at 7:33AM, March 2, 2006
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OK WILL SOME ONE TELL ME WHEN THIS MOVIE IS COMING OUT SO I CAN BUY IT? i really want to know please don't ignore me DO NOT….DO NOT…..~Waves hand franticly~ hello?
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Chameloncholic at 8:57AM, March 2, 2006
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some time around the 24/4/06 but i don't know if this is
here in the uk or with you in america :!: oh god i hope its here

Try reading the thread Kain. Or maybe just maybe, you could try finding out yourself.
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telruya at 1:13AM, March 6, 2006
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i,ve seen two completly difernt kinds of silent hill
trailers the one up their and one which seems like a crappy group of
freinds get lost and start to die story :roll: , has any one got an idea of the deal with this second trailer, dear god it looked really ****.quote]

okay i still think i want to about this 2nd trailer

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MagickLorelai at 1:28PM, March 15, 2006
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I just want to point out that in this movie, from what I understood, the main character isn't Harry, it's a woman that's supposed to be the girl's mother. (As opposed to Harry being the father in the game). It's not Cybil peeking through the fence, though they do have her in the movie, too(I think). Anyway. ^^ It still looks awesome, though I never played the games.( I'm a chicken! I admit it!)

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