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Vixus at 9:37AM, Nov. 29, 2006
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So, what brand of sketchbook do you guys use? I'm looking for some nice ones for Christmas. Softcover-bound preferably. Comfortably big yet still portable. The only ones I've seen so far are the Moleskine Cahiers. The reason I want a softcover is so I can basically just customise/mess it up.

I don't want top-bound ones… they don't inspire me. :D
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Aeon at 4:07PM, Nov. 29, 2006
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Right now I'm using an Academie Sketch Diary, because I was living in the middle of nowhere over the summer, and didn't have any access to art supplies… except what was available at Wal-Mart… Shudder.

Usually I pick up a Strathmore recycled sketch pad, simply because they're cheap and readily available. I like side-spiral-bound sketchbooks because I can rip pages out if I need to… I've had the hard, canvas bound type sketchbooks before, but I find them too intimidating to draw in… I guess that sounds silly.

I don't worry so much about paper type as I used to, since mostly I just do preliminary sketches in books, then finish in digital media… so paper quality doesn't affect the final image as much as it did when I used strictly traditional media.
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Knuckles at 11:06AM, Nov. 30, 2006
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I just use computer paper :P

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Mark at 10:55AM, Dec. 1, 2006
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yeah, same here, just a file full of computer paper and finished comics/drawings
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