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Skin Color
kyupol at 8:23AM, Jan. 25, 2006
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What R-G-B values do you use for…

White person, Black person, Asian person, Middle East person
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skoolmunkee at 8:42AM, Jan. 25, 2006
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I'm not so sure that's easy to answer with RGB values. Even within certain ethnicities there is a range of skin color. White people can be very pale, or can be almost olive-skinned. I would suggest using google's image search to find photos of some people of those ethnicities, and then use a color-picker or eyedropper tool to find your range. If you can tell your eyedropper to pick the average from a 5x5 square or something (rather than the color from the single pixel you've clicked on) I would do that too. I think in photoshop you right-click on the eyedropper in the tool panel?

Remember that just like a person with light skin, a person with dark skin has a range of color even on themselves. Someone's face may be darker than their stomach, or the palms of their hands, etc. Uniformly coloring anyone just looks funny anyway.
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ozoneocean at 9:33AM, Jan. 25, 2006
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Skool is right.
Besides, it doesn't really work to use specific colours. Skin “colours” only exist in relataion to each other anyway, so all you have to do is make your ethnicities different shades from each other, it doesn't really matter which shades you choose.
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ccs1989 at 12:46PM, Jan. 25, 2006
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Well, most of my characters are white (not because of racism or anything, but more to the point that I don't like putting in ‘token’ ethnic characters. They have to come into the story naturally just as any other character does.) But for each character I use as slightly different color. So really it's all about experimentation.

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mykill at 6:17PM, Jan. 25, 2006
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In photoshop you have an eyedropper tool. Open any image from google or a scan, set the eyedropper to average 5 pixels if its a cmyk image - and you got your skin color!

Or just fiddle with the color picker to find something that looks right.
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KAM at 11:35PM, Jan. 25, 2006
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For most of my humans I use Magenta 22 & Yellow 24 on a layer with 60% transparency, usually using the airbrush tool.

Sometimes I'll use a reddish purple airbrushed on the background layer around the edges to add a little shading. No particular number setting there, just whatever seems to look right.

I've experimented with using blue in place of the reddish purple & it makes the person look like they're suffering hypothermia.

As for non-caucasions… no particular settings, just guessing to see what looks good.
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