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Sleep is overrated. (ANTI-sleep pills)
Skullbie at 5:18AM, Oct. 26, 2008
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RYT Hospital

With Rivitalex®, you only need 12 minutes of sleep a night

In partnership with Nevardis, RYT Hospital is pleased to announce completion of phase II clinical trials for a new anti-sleep medication called Rivitalex®.

Roughly one third of a persons life is spent sleeping, in a bed, doing nothing. Save for restoring energy and dreams sleeping seems more like a hindrance to me. To be honest it is.
I can't count how many times I've stayed up needing to do homework, wanting to work on my comic when the familiar presence of my bed seduces me in with comforting lies. I then wake up seven. goddamn. hours. later and realize If I hadn't have slept I could have done everything overnight.

In today's world of deadlines, time management, and new and improved ways to die, sleep is becoming more of a roadblock then a helper. If they could produce a pill to have the same effects of a seven hour night in just 12 minutes, busy people of the world would be very happy indeed. (obviously does not apply to creators of sleep-aid medication)

Anti-sleep pills, whatcha' think?
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lothar at 5:56AM, Oct. 26, 2008
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ZOMG !!! is this for real ?? i hate sleep so much !! its like totaly my enemy !
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ozoneocean at 5:59AM, Oct. 26, 2008
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This is an interesting topic, but this section isn't here for your amusement. Linking to obvious hoax websites making threads as a prank etc. blah, blah blah.

If you reallywant to talk about this, start again without the hoax. Locked.
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