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Small Press Idol - Round 1
AIPman1 at 12:20PM, Feb. 22, 2010
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Small Press Idol - Round 1

Madison, Ohio - Ian Shires announced today as the Halfway Point in Round 1 of the yearly Small Press Idol Contest. So far, 14 projects have presented their work to the Judges, with 16 more fully registered teams set to present soon. There is definitely still time left to get a team registered and into the contest: The deadline is not until March 22nd. These teams are chasing the dream of being hot new talent, winning fans, and a cash/prize package worth currently $1178.00, a publishing deal for the project, 90% of the profits from that publishing, AND a Toy based on their project.

The Judges this year, Cary Kelley, returning judge of Fallen Justice/Dynagirl fame, Erik Hendrix - last year's winner and now Editor of Self Publisher Nexus Magazine, and Adam and Comfort as the “third judge”, from the comic book sensation The Uniques, have been providing excellent commentary and feedback to the contestants on a daily basis, as 1-2 projects have been posting every weekday. This has been, hands down, the biggest start to a Small Press Idol season ever, and with only 2 projects so far NOT voted to Round 2, it has been the hottest new talent we've ever seen.

So let this be fair warning to anyone out there still thinking about getting into Small Press Idol 2010: The deadline to get in is looming, but the rewards for getting your work seen in the Idol Spotlight, are large.

Contest Guidelines/updates:

For more information on Small Press Idol, you can write to us at
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