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so anyone seen any good movies lately?
jalford at 2:15AM, Dec. 12, 2006
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Finally saw Casino Royal. Starts out like your standard Bond flick. But then it starts to take an all too weird turn once it gets to the actual “casino”. The whole Bond/Moneypenny thing seemed tacked on. They're not supposed to be together. That's the whole point! Bond's supposed to get the main villain's lover in it, or something. Then about a good 1/4 of the movie is all about poker. Finally, there's a car chase after about an hour of that, but its only like 10 seconds long! Where's the machine gun headlights? Where's smokescreen tailpipe? Where's the oil slicks? The damn thing didn't even turn into a sub for Christ's sake! After the Batmobile was replaced with a tank, I expected a little more from the new millenium Bondmobile. Then the whole next half hour was about Bond & Moneypenny in love, which makes for a great snooty French romance flick, but there needed to be more assassin chicks in bikinis and exploding satellites. The thing that really killed it was that Bond actually finds the head bad guy at the end of the movie. It would have been a much more interesting plot to have Bond constantly after some shadow orginization throughout the next few movies. Bond vs. Illuminati stung out over another 2 films or so would've been more believable for today's modern movies.
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kaminari at 1:45PM, Dec. 13, 2006
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I saw Apocalypto last night and it was pretty good, but very, very violent and graphic.
Plenty of blood and guts and headless bodies to go around!
Im desensitized to that kind of thing so I enjoyed the movie.

But I really could have done without the Spanish showing up in the end. When they got to the beach and he dropped to his knees and stared forward blankly. I had a weird feeling that was why. Then when the other guys did it too.. I thought “awwww. crap….”. I mean, thats teh only time you see them and they dont interact, but it was still kinda silly. I think if the village children abandoned from earlier had saved him, it would have been better.

Then I came home and saw Talladega Nights and it was even worse than I could have ever imagined. Sacha Cohen Baron was the only entertaining person, but even his performance fell a little flat at times.

Was when Will Ferrell kissed Sacha Cohen Baron

I am FS2 champion! w00t!!
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kingofsnake at 9:20AM, Dec. 14, 2006
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The whole Bond/Moneypenny thing seemed tacked on. They're not supposed to be together. That's the whole point!

Thats not moneypenny, it's someone else.

This one was based off the first book, and for anyone who's read the books this is the first one to ACTUALLY feel like james bond. He has real spy gadgets, like the difibulator, but not ridiculous crap that can only be used in one very specific situation thats bound to come up later in the movie, like that ridiculous inflatable jacket brosnan had in the world is not enough. He was charming, but not pun-ny like brosnan was “who says christmas only comes once a year” YOU GO TO HELL PIERCE BROSNAN!!! I've watched james bond and read james bond, and and I have always treated the films like they were an entirely different entity than the books. but this is the first one that actually feels like the books do.

Also, thats not the final baddie at the end, rest assured, if you've read the books at all you'd know he's just getting into things. And if you didn't like the romance angle, you'll hate the one where he gets married. If you want the cheese, stick to your roger moore movies. The daniel craig franchise looks like it's going to be more like the books, which were mostly serious.
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Raffaele_Ienco at 12:51PM, April 16, 2007
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I hated Borat so there must be something wrong with me -I have good taste.
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Crazy Dutchman at 2:40PM, April 16, 2007
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I've seen some fine movies lately: Crank, The Woodsman, Cube, Coffee and Cigarettes and Lost Highway. These aren't new, but they ARE fantastic :)
Also I've finally seen some classics that I watched fot the first time or that I only watched partly once (I should be asshamed of myself): Scarface, Labyrinth and Night of the Living Dead (yes, the original). Also I rewatched Robin Hood (the animated Disney version) and Monty Python & the Holy Grail ^^

Haven't been to the cinema for a long time. Last time I went was for ‘The Illusionist’ (which was pretty good). I'm still looking forward to Pan's Labyrinth (this month it will be in theatres over here! FINALLY!) and The Fountain. And I need to see Sunshine…come on man, it's Danny (f*cking) Boyle!
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