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So how do you deal with real life interfering with your comics?
A Reaver at 6:53AM, March 1, 2011
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I usually have a couple of hours free everyday so its just really when I stop being lazy. I just updated. Im attempting to get caught up on my art for college so I don't fall behind but its pretty much just whenever I have some spare time and no work. Then again my comics only take about 10 minutes to do. Apart from the hour or 2 I spend staring at a blank flash document trying to think of what to do.

Shiny new comic.
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itsjustaar at 1:51AM, March 3, 2011
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Jobs, family, money… life.

It always seems out to get me. :/ I can often even be halted if I did had an epic derpy moment that I shouldn't dwell on (but get kinda worried about nonetheless), can kinda mess up my mood during the comics.

But when it comes to the up top, yeah… I dunno. It gets rough for me, I'll either have it, or I won't. xD When I'm out of the zone, I need to be brought back immediately.
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machinehead at 5:30PM, March 3, 2011
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I don't. I draw all my comics at work. My comics are liked by most of my fellow employees, but they have gotten me into some trouble with my superiors. LOL!
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