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IzanagiWorld at 2:46PM, July 19, 2009
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Not really sure what to say…Ummmmmmm. I was introduced to drunk duck on gamefaqs with Strain42's Persona 3 FTW. After a while, I got the guts to try and start my own comic (which is still in the making.) I felt like using drunk duck after perusing drunk duck's unique and diverse repetoire of comics, all exceptional and impressive. Let's see, how to wrap it up… oh, right. I'm none to have little to no sense of humor or skill in writing, and my artistic abilities are abysmal at best, but I really want to see what I can do and receive constructive criticism from the talented artists that have shown amazing skills throughout the course of their literary and artistic careers. Yeah…
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The Real Macabre at 5:52PM, July 19, 2009
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Hey, welcome! I hope you find the commentary you're looking for 'round here!
. .
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amanda at 12:01AM, July 20, 2009
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Welcome to the Duck, Izanagi! Practice makes perfect on art and writing, so this is definitely a good place to get your feet wet and see what you can do =D
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IzanagiWorld at 2:23AM, July 20, 2009
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Well thanks for the warm welcome!
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Dark Clown at 4:28AM, July 21, 2009
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Welcome, Would You Like a Cold Hot Cola?

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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Ryan_Scott at 3:18PM, July 21, 2009
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You and I are going to have words Clown!!!
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Gray Seraphim at 5:52PM, July 21, 2009
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Your modesty is just adorable! I'll look forward to seeing your stuff.
There's a fly in my rice.
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