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Gudmunder at 11:29AM, Dec. 16, 2007
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I realize this has likely been answered someplace else but I can't seem to find the information.I am trying to put my comic on the site but I seem to be having trouble with the image being way too big.Is their a place that tells you how to do right?
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SwinS at 12:07PM, Dec. 16, 2007
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All you need to do is resize the image in an editing program. If you don't know how to or if you even have a program that'll do it in the first place, you could always cheat with Photobucket. Make an account if you haven't already and under options where you plug in the files you want to upload there are resizing options. Experiment until you find a good one, save the new upload to your computer and upload it to DD from there.
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Luminous at 4:57PM, Dec. 16, 2007
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It's fairly simple to resize images in MS Paint. Sometimes it makes drawings look a bit rough and pixelly, but often it looks just fine, and it'll do if you don't have any other programs like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro.

To resize an image in MS Paint, just click on “image”, then “stretch/skew”. You'll then be prompted to put some numbers in - the percent you want it decreased. The amount you should put in the “height” and “width” boxes differs depending on your image, so I suggest just putting in a number, clicking “okay”, and then if you don't like the look of it, just undo it and try a different number. Be sure to only put numbers in the “stretch” box, NOT the “skew” box.

That's for resizing the height and width. If the actual FILE SIZE is too big, then try saving it as another file type. I suggest jpg. You can optimise a png file in a program like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, but in MS Paint, all you can really do is save it as a jpg.

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