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Songs from an Icelandic musical
Wolfer at 7:41PM, June 6, 2007
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Songs from the Icelandic muscal movie called ‘Med allt a hreinu’, translated into ‘With everything clear’. Sounds much better in Icelandic. BTW that movie came out in 1982, so that explains the fashion.

Astraltertugubb (astralcakevomit)

Islenskir Karlmenn (Icelandic men) (recorded in Akureyri, where I live(the chuch steps are 110 if anyone wants to know.))

Sigurjon digri (Sigurjon the Wide) (BTW ‘takid af ykkur skona’ means ‘take off your shoes’.

Ferdalag (trip)

Astarduett (Loveduett) (I just love the rotie.)

Med allt a hreinu
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