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subcultured at 1:18PM, Aug. 18, 2008
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just bought the DVD…from the creators of shaun of the dead. excellent series.

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willisokong at 3:27PM, Aug. 18, 2008
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Yeah, good series.

Though you need to be a pop culture maniac to get it all.

'Harold and Maude' rules! Go see it.
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ozoneocean at 10:02PM, Aug. 18, 2008
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I loved it back when I used to watch it late at night on TV. One of the few good things on back then. I could really relate to the characters so well… Unlike degenerative spew like “Friends”, they reminded me of me and people I know, … as well as being damned entertaining! :)
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Daiconv at 11:43AM, Aug. 19, 2008
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holy crap! when did this come out on dvd!?

I've only seen the first season.
without buttcheecks, it's just a hole.
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Rori at 1:09AM, Aug. 21, 2008
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After only being able to get bootlegs, it's nice to watch the show all crisp and clear! Yes, Simon Pegg, take my money!

Plus the commentaries are pretty funny as well, more or less depending on the guest :D
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jalford at 1:31AM, Sept. 12, 2008
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Saw some of it at Dragon-Con. That IS a funny show!
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Warpedwenger at 11:57AM, Sept. 13, 2008
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I need this BAD!
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