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Spangles at 2:47AM, Oct. 9, 2009
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I have not been getting much response from DD members, apart from two that I know of because they leave comments. Should I be advertising my strip in some way? Could someone please visit me at ‘A Dim View’ - and if you do would you go back to Wedneasday's strip last week and work your way forward to today's. THANK YOU…? I am not sure if it is forum etiquette to even discuss this so please let me know.
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Cthulhu at 3:47AM, Oct. 9, 2009
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Your best bet is to make a thread about your comic in the Hey Everyone Look What I Did! forum. Make sure you have a fancy title when you're pimping it out, or else it'll just blend in with the hundreds of other threads in there.
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Spangles at 4:01AM, Oct. 9, 2009
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Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.
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skoolmunkee at 6:25AM, Oct. 9, 2009
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You should also maybe check out the thread How do you make people look at your comics? in the Tips and Tricks forum, there's lots of good advice in there about getting noticed.

Do keep in mind though that only about 5% of readers will ever leave a comment or vote. That happens to everybody unfortunately. :] You've only got 8 pages as well, which is pretty new. It takes time to build up a readership.

I think I am going to have to lock this though, the only place in the forums we allow people to make threads about their own comic is HELWID (as Cthulu posted), and any advice people give you about readership will already be addressed in the thread I linked. We are a friendly bunch, it's just if we let people make threads for their own comics here the place would devolve into chaos. :]
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