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Spring means only one thing for me... THE CIRCUS IS COMMING! =D
Jobo at 11:23AM, April 11, 2010
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I think about it all winter.
go on and call me nuts, doesn't matter to me! Cause when youre sitting at home on the computer, I'll be having the time of my life eating cotton candy and shouting “Send in the clowns!”

Wooo!!! Hell yeah! =D


Sorry bout that,

The Circus is where all of my art comes from, nothing inspires me more than the old fashioned tent festival with the mini side-shows and the lunatic clowns.

If ever my art school fails me, I have already signed my soul away to create a traveling show with my partner-in-mime.

BASICALLY! I wanna know, who here remembers the old tent circus, with the sideshows and over priced box of peanuts?
And is there a place that inspires you in the same way?
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ozoneocean at 10:14PM, April 11, 2010
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Hi Jobo. You're sig banner's a little large. Please see the stickied rules thread in the General discussion forum. :)

I haven't been to a circus since I was a little kid. I can't really remember anything about it apart from that I went there with my grandfather. …well I remember some things like they had a lion tamer (I think), they had horse tricks (possibly), and they had trapeze artists. I don't recall the trapeze act itself, but I remember that they said they were going to do amazingly dangerous move without a net…
And I remember thinking how idiotic that was. I was already impressed by the athleticism and acrobatics, but making it more dangerous didn't make it more interesting or a better spectacle.

All I have are those impressions. :(
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humorman at 11:02PM, April 11, 2010
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A penguin died at my last circus, but it was still good. Also, my friend goes to the circuses all the time. They don't have any more cotton candy any more though.

Billy vs. Tree – The epic struggle of boy versus tree.
Sonic Colores – It looks like it's going to be a good game because I love how the way it makes me grow.
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