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Cindermain at 12:29PM, Feb. 28, 2006
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Heads up people!

I was running SpyBot and it detected two forms of Spyware that load themselves to a readers' system when I first got on the DD page! It also tried to load on each and every comic page I opened thereafter!

The two Spyware in question were FastClick and DoubleClick.

I don't like the idea of my site giving my readers more unwanted crap on their system…they read my strip to have a laugh, not a possible virus!

Please remedy this guys, or at least explain it!
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SpANG at 1:24PM, Feb. 28, 2006
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Does this answer it? Not sure, though spybot does find cookies too, and (sometimes) classifies them as spyware…

It's just a cookie… i wouldnt' consider it spyware. It's generally used to make sure that you only get one pop under every 12 hours…

.: SpANG! :.
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Anonymous at 1:44PM, Feb. 28, 2006
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FastClick and DoubleClick are the servers of the ads. They are an ad provider, not spyware.
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