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Square Enix sues cosplay people
subcultured at 1:17PM, Aug. 6, 2009
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Square Enix has sued the producers of a music video containing cosplay recreations of scenes from its CG movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, and has been awarded a 400,000,000 won ($325,000) settlement for copyright violation.

The basis of the case is that Korean producer “Phantom Productions” violated Square’s copyrights and used “modified” sections of the movie without permission, in a successful music video used for commercial purposes. Korean courts agreed, and ordered Phantom to pay damages.

It is certainly undeniable that the video resembles the movie very closely. Whether it actually used sections of the movie as Square’s lengthy crowing insists is less apparent, though courts recognised the fact, so it is presumably the case. However, it does appears that the commercial cosplay was also an issue…

Japanese commentators’ usual hatred of Korea is readily apparent in the general response, which is delighted. However, Japanese producers are famously no stranger to occasionally making “tributes” to other works, so there seems to be a double standard at play.

Additionally, a substantial number of Japanese cosplayers freely make unauthorised use of copyrighted properties in commercially created parody works, some on a highly commercial basis.

Whether parody or plagiarism, cosplayers will doubtless be concerned if the precedent spreads beyond Korea, none more so than TMA
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AshleeS at 3:32PM, Aug. 7, 2009
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That was a terrible song, but I actually liked the portrayl of that scene. =|
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Walrus at 1:15PM, Aug. 8, 2009
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Do they not have anything better to do?
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idstudios at 10:31AM, Aug. 11, 2009
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HA! That's rich. I love that cosplayers are being sued. It's official: you can truly be sued for doing anything now.
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Hawk at 4:07PM, Aug. 11, 2009
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Well, I'm sure you can call these guys more than “cosplayers”. It's an actual music video that made an actual profit, so I don't think Square-Enix is unjustified, despite how much I hate FF7 and Advent Children.

In fact, there's a pretty common attitude over there that it's okay to “borrow” things without permission. I've seen a number of things from Korea that ape popular American things, but seem to get away with it because they're not worth taking legal action over.

Here's another current controversy… the Korean online shooter that many believe rips off Team Fortress 2:

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JoeL_CQB at 8:24PM, Aug. 11, 2009
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Here's another current controversy… the Korean online shooter that many believe rips off Team Fortress 2:

i see no pyros, engineers, or spies. :/
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Orin J Master at 11:47AM, Aug. 12, 2009
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Here's another current controversy… the Korean online shooter that many believe rips off Team Fortress 2:

i see no pyros, engineers, or spies. :/

the game's source engine and character structures, as well as the source coding for the maps and weapons are all pretty obviously taken whole cloth from TF2. they more or less simply went over the entire game and replaced the skins. they also stole most of the shots in their promo from the “meet the-” trailers valve keeps making.

they replaced the characters with anime dolls. which are also stolen, of course….korea's pretty well known for doing this sort of thing, they just don't have the interest in making games when bootlegging is so big there.
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cirienphoenix at 12:00PM, Aug. 13, 2009
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I can't find the article I read about this approximately a year ago, but I guess the director of the music video said he had obtained permission from Square Enix for the video. When courts had asked for him to produce the paperwork, he fuddled around for a while, then said something along the lines of “It got lost.” Understandably, I can see why Square would sue. It's a matter of creative copyright and derivative work.

On the same note, the Japanese who take works and recreate them without permission are no better. It's a shame that it frequently seems so one-sided in favor of Japan.
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DOUK at 9:29PM, Aug. 20, 2009
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These people should make original stories, they've definitely got the skills. And it seems that Square Enix is acting like bastards lately, the only news I see about them is negative. Like when they made that guy stop his Chrono Trigger hack some time ago.
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lefarce at 11:10PM, Aug. 20, 2009
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As much as I hate square they do have a pretty good case.

Final Fantasy is dumb and for gay babies, I cant wait for FFXIII (not gay)

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