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St. Louis area artists/writers?
Rori at 11:43AM, Dec. 9, 2007
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This is a bit of a long shot, I know. I'm getting ready to move back to StL, and so will be leaving all my comic-making peeps in Chicago. So I'm hoping to find some comic-making peeps in StL. I love my hometown and I figure there have to be comic people there, somewhere. Anyone interested?

Benefits include:
Shop talk
comic jams
“brainstorming” at greasy spoons (slingers, anyone?)

Benefits of being my acquaintance include:
Rori's matchmaking service (not guaranteed)
open invitation to parties
zombies, zombies, zombies
high likelihood of homade desserts
constant supply of innuendoes and puns

I'm moving at the end of January. Post here or PQ me. Or do both. Actually, please post here, so I don't look like a total loser (more than usual).
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charlando at 9:45AM, May 14, 2008
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Hey! Not sure how I stumbled across your profile, but I read your forum post looking for comic people in the St. Louis area, and I thought I'd say “hey!” I'm actually on the Illinois side. If you ever head East of the Mississippi, there's this place in downtown Belleville that is starting up a whole Drink and Draw Social Club kind of a thing on Thursday nights (first one is tomorrow night). I'm a bit concerned that no one will show and it'll crap out, so if you've found people around here and feel like making the trek, spread the word and head over to Mosaics on Main, on East Main St. in downtown B-ville tomorrow night!
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