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Story Idea! Need Artist.
Blackmoon at 7:21PM, April 9, 2007
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Alright, I had an idea for a webcomic/graphic novel sort of thing, but given that I'm already working on two, and I'm a lazy mofo, I'm in no shape to do this myself.
Here's my idea:

Some sort of occultist in a somewhat real-world sort of setting is trying an incantation for teleportation. Turns out, it's very similar to the one for time travel, and because he specified a place, but not a time, he ends up sending himself to… well, basically, it's like The End of Time in Chrono Trigger. Very small, confined area surrounded by seemingly infinite blackness- not much there, but it's sort of the nexus between all time periods.
Sooner or later, he discovers that this mishap has made him functionally immortal. He can be injured, he can bleed, but he can't die from natural causes or be diseased. He also finds out that by meditating at that sort of temporal nexus point, he can see all sorts of different temporal possibilities and time-streams.
Because he's a good-natured person, he takes it upon himself to travel through time, righting wrongs and kicking ass. Like that movie, The Butterfly Effect, only with martial arts and stuff.

Like, he goes back in time and makes sure Russia doesn't go Commie, and they stay with their Czars, and the Cold War never happens.
Or he kills Hitler or sends him to art school or something before he starts that whole “I hate Jews” thing and thereby prevents WW2.
And, you know, stopping comparatively minor stuff like rape and murder and theft throughout time.

It's still a work-in-progress, but I think a good title would be “Utopian”. If anyone wants to work on this, these are my criteria:
-Must be a competent artist, or showing signs of improvement
-Must be willing to cooperate; I'm a flexible person, you should be too. It helps.
-Should have some skill in writing or storytelling; not necessary
-Should also have a good sense of aesthetics (lighting, camera angles, character designs, etc.)- not necessary
-Should be able to draw a wide variety of stuff (buildings, scenery, people, animals)
If you meet a few, but not all of these criteria (like, you're a good artist, but lack a sense of aesthetics), don't worry- I can handle some of the slack. I'm willing to do the writing, character design, concept art, art direction, etc., the only thing I CAN'T do is draw the damn thing.
Be sure to inform anyone you know that might give a damn about this. I really wanna get this off the ground.
If you feel like applying, email me at I often forget to check the forums.

Don't apply unless you think you can follow through with it; it's better not to get off the ground than to crash and burn. Just look at Amelia Earhart. (Actually, that might be an interesting plot line… hmm…)
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Ramirezul at 10:29PM, April 9, 2007
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Consider yourself e-mailed. Looking forward to your reply.

~Ramirezul (A.K.A. Red)
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