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Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li
jalford at 3:11AM, March 6, 2009
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My God, did that suck! Wow, I thought I'd find something redeemable about this, but it's a serious “F*CK YOU!” movie. After about a decade and a half since the last live-action Street Fighter flick, the new one, The Legend Of Chun-Li, tries to shake all the bad kharma that the Jean-Claude Van Damme chapter left behind. Taking place in a completely different storyline, Chun-Li(played by Smallville's Kristin Kruek)is a half-Chinese/half-American whose family lives in Hong Kong. Her father Xiang is some important businessman who has ties all over the world. He is kidnapped by Balrog, and brought to Bison who uses his business sense to start moblizing his small empire. Years later, Chun-Li seeks out the help of Gen, a martial arts master who used to work with Bison. Gen tries to help her prepare to rescue her father by teaching her a mystical fighting style, which for no explained reason allows people to shoot fireballs. Chun-Li attracts the attention of Bison who sends Vega out to get her, but she makes shorter work of him than she did in The Animated Movie. She's later on captured by Bison's thugs and witnesses her father being murdered at Bison's hands. She escapes, and teams up with police detective Charlie Nash(the guy who became Blanka in the last movie)to stop Bison from getting some mysterious shipment called the White Rose when it arrives by ship. It turns out that its Bison's daughter Rose, who in the original game is no relation to him at all! Gen finishes off Balrog, but is knocked down by Bison. Chun-Li shows up at the end to “Kamehamea” him to death, although right in front of his daughter's eyes. So, Chun-Li doesn't have a problem with killing of someone else's daddy?

There was ALOT of miscasting in this. Kruek, who is like barely half-Chinese, plays a very unconvincing Chun-Li. She's supposed to be a policewoman that becomes an Interpol agent to search for her father who went missing looking to take down Bison's orginization of Shadaloo. Here, she's some heiress who turns into a vigilante protecting citizens in the slums of Hong Kong. Bison is also totally way off. He's supposed to be an Asian guy with no beard, and here he's a white slumlord, trying more to be like Geese Howard from Fatal Fury. Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog was also stupid casting, because he would've been better off playing Sagat(another large muscular bald man). Taboo from Black Eyed Peas is Vega, but he's in it so quick and he wears a mask most of the time that it doesn't really matter. And yes, Chris Klein as Charlie couldn't act his way out of a wet nutsack. The stunningly hot Moon Goodblood was cast as Crimson Viper from Street Fighter IV, not that you could tell that cause she doesn't dress anything like her.

This was some really bad storytelling and character development. There's no details about alot of the magical shit, like Bison putting all his “goodness” into Rose as a child, or how you can learn to to Hadokens in 5 easy steps. True fans of Street Fighter will cringe at this. It's really one of the absolute worse films I've seen since Sky Captain, and that's f*cking horrible! I wasn't really expecting alot out of this as both a gamer and otaku, but this is some serious old bullshit! Don't bother even renting it. If you really have to see it, wait about a year for it to come on Sci-Fi Channel or G4.
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