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Strict Ban on Ugliness
kyupol at 10:42PM, June 24, 2008
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Who the hell has the right to deem me attractive enough? I dont really care if you think I'm ugly. You're entitled to your own opinion.

The only people who have the right to deem me attractive enough are:
- ME
and especially ME!



An online community is launching in Canada today for the exclusive use of attractive people, complete with a “strict ban on ugliness.”

Prospective members of beautifulpeople.net submit a photo and profile in hopes of being deemed attractive enough to be a member by those who have already passed the subjective voting process.

Some people may not like the sounds of it, but the founder defends the BeautifulPeople Network as honest.

The site is already in 15 other countries, and Greg Hodge, the managing director, says Canada was chosen because “there are many gorgeous people in this country,” though he adds “there are also many uglies.”

Hodge says the website “separates the wheat from the chaff.”

Robert Hintze, the site’s founder, says its appeal is that good-looking people can network without “traipsing through numerous unattractive profiles.”

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BffSatan at 11:11PM, June 24, 2008
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Well screw them, we'll find somewhere else to meet, like a dark room.
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HippieVan at 8:48AM, June 25, 2008
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It is a horrible thing to judge someone by only their looks, but I was thinking: what is the difference between that and judging someone only by their personality? What with all the makeup and plastic surgery available nowadays, people have about the same ability to change their looks for the better as they do their personality. It's not fair for an ugly person with a great personality not to have any friends because they were born looking like that, but it also doesn't seem fair for a beautiful person with a poor personality to have no friends, since they were born like that, or developed that personality fairly early in their life because of an atmosphere around them which they couldn't control.
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Custard Trout at 9:02AM, June 25, 2008
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Oh no I'm not attractive enough to hang around on a forum all day.

Oh wait.
Hey buddy, you should be a Russian Cosmonaut, and here's why.
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beautifully_demonic at 10:36AM, June 25, 2008
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well that is just about as bad as racism … I was bullied very badly when I was little because I was very fat for a child and I had no friends .. and so I am very vindictive and bitter … I hate those people and if I meet them ever I will crush their beautiful skulls with a hammer !
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Inkmonkey at 2:58PM, June 25, 2008
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You guys do realize that they're only being deliberately cruel and prejudicial to get attention, right? This is like those comics that are deliberately crude, racist, violent, or whatever, not because it adds to the plot or because it's inherently funny, but just because its “edgy” and attention-grabbing.
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ozoneocean at 4:26PM, June 25, 2008
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I can just imagine all the people who'd just scan pics from magazines and get them from websites… lol!

Ink's right, it's just a moronic gimmick.
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kyupol at 5:23PM, June 25, 2008
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I'll submit my face to them.

They better be idiots to not accept my face. As my face has the power to scare away those demons, gray aliens, and reptoids.

Just by putting a copy of my face in their website, it is guaranteed that their website will be safe from attacks from evil forces.
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 5:42PM, June 25, 2008
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As my face has the power to scare away those demons, gray aliens, and reptoids.

God do I love you.
i will also like to know you the more
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lothar at 7:58AM, June 26, 2008
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the name of that site just makes me think of marilyn manson , it's a joke
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seventy2 at 5:58PM, June 26, 2008
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you can't judge ugly. most people have different standards. i have a friend who's wife is fat, and her face is pockmarked. but if you heard him talk about her, you'd think he was married to what most considered holly wood standard.

i as well dont like holly wood standard, nor do i like the “beautiful models”
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Zad at 8:51PM, July 7, 2008
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I'm going to join. :D
My face could use some (ok, lots) of work, nobody loves curly hair, except when they can walk up to you, yank on it and say “Oh, sorry, but I HAD to!” (Yeah, you HAD to? So if I didn't let you, you'd die? Then DIE!), but I have the body of a model. (At least close to it xD)
If they don't accept pictures of knees,legs, and arms, then I'll steal someone's face.
Take that, beautiful people.

Hey, did anybody see..
even your info msut be made beautiful?
Instead of 6-7 minimun characters, you get 3? Are they THAT stupid?
Ack..registration is boring.

Anyone want to make a realpeople.net and gather so that we may kill them all? (Or at least scratch thier faces, causing irreversible damage that will forever render them ugly?)

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flapjack1995 at 7:54AM, July 8, 2008
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Whatever. If I submit, I'm just going to hold a gun to the head of my judge and ask him what he thinks true beauty really is.
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mishi_hime at 3:31PM, July 8, 2008
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well anyone who goes to a site based on physical attractiveness as the best quality, is going to get ugly in the end.

Joke's on them :3
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