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Stuff on X-Play that made you laugh
Lonnehart at 4:07AM, June 27, 2007
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I was just remembering that one day when I was watching the show. They were reviewing some game called “Seaman” for the Dreamcast. I was watching the scene where Adam Sesslar, playing the Seaman game while sitting next to a woman, said something like this… “Seaman! I love playing with my Seaman!”, all while looking goofy with the controller. I spit out my coffee when the woman got up… that look on her face was priceless!!! :)
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tea_green at 6:36PM, June 27, 2007
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Their Gurumin review was one of the funniest to me. It had the girl who liked to drill things and then she was replaced by Drunk Link in drag. Pretty much anything with Drunk Link makes me laugh.

Another thing was Blair Butler's character on the show before she became the comic guru for AOTS. Plus, the merchant from Resident Evil 4 was funny too. There's a little more stuff but I'll keep from rambling.
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fern at 8:05PM, June 27, 2007
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I find it hilarious when they're reviewing a game and all they do is converse how dreadful it is but in the closing stages it receives 3/5 stars or above; and vice versa.

God bless you G4!
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marine at 10:24PM, June 27, 2007
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Its more miss than hit, but because I love video games, I generally end up watching G4, X-play being the best show they have on, even if its hit or miss with its “sketches.” I think they've played certain bits to death like the splinter cell guys (which is exactly what the 2 player Splinter Cell was like for me and a friend who played it, us shooting each other in the testicals saying things with funny voices), I'll agree with Tea Green in that blair butler was funny in her bits as the drunk woman and occasionally they do some funny reviews.

I think my “favorite” if I have one is the postal 2 review with the kittens over the violent bits. That was pretty lulzworthy.
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Anatak at 12:06PM, June 28, 2007
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I love the skit where the Empereror of Star Wars was trying to get a job after the Death Star was destroyed, that was very funny.
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