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Anonymous at 11:11AM, Dec. 28, 2005
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How do u all know so much baout the computer?
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mykill at 12:36PM, Dec. 28, 2005
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AH, how to become computer literate?

Well, the easiest way is to READ. Read your manuals, read the online manuals associateds with your computer and its applications, read online websites devoted to technology, computers and applications.

The second part is to DO. After your read about a technique - TRY IT OUT! When you read something you will very likely forget it. But if you put that knowledge to use right away - doing it - the knowledge stiks.

Using the computer and being self sufficient finding solutions to the problems you encounter will accelerate the rate at which you learn. That good friend of yours, the computer geek who helps you out - don't let him touch your computer! He can still help, point you in the right direction, - but YOU must do everything yourself or you'll never learn.

Force yourself to be the first person you turn to fix your computer problems. If you use a PC, become familiar with the online Microsoft knowledge database. If you use a Mac (good choice!) almost all the information you need is built into its help system. If you are using Linux, make a priority of familiarizing yourself with the command line.

Check websites that are associated with your operating system to benefit from others experience and knowhow.
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