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Sweet Wolverine's Baadasssss Song
jalford at 3:28AM, Aug. 3, 2008
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So Wolvie's got a new flick coming out next year(single-handledly beginning the summer movie season)called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It takes place before X-Men 1, and before Logan had his patented “superhero memory-lapse” when he joins up with Team-X and starts his extremely yaoi relationship with Sabertooth. Liev Schriber will play Sabertooth and not Tyler Mane from XM1, plus Danny Houston is Stryker and not Brian Cox from XM2. Other characters include White Queen, Agent 0, Kestral, Deadpool, Beal, Blob, and that totally gay dude from Louisiana…you know, with the cards…
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korosu at 7:13AM, Aug. 3, 2008
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Gambit is not gay!! How dare you? DX

Ahem… Sorry about that. >_> Anyhoo…I'm totally psyched about this! I'm so glad they're finally putting the White Queen in it, and according to the IMDb cast list, James Marsden's not coming back to reprise his role as Cyclops. (Boo.)

Hey, here's a link to the trailer someone ripped from Comic Con:
It looks tiiiiight!
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