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Tablet PCs?
usedbooks at 9:48AM, Jan. 6, 2011
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I'm saving up for a new computer. My desktop is very nice and continues serving me well after many years (it's an HP, running Windows XP, which was new when I bought it), but I want to be more mobile.

I have a craptastic Dell laptop that runs slower than the DOS we had in the 80s. I bought it a few years ago to check email and do job hunting while I travel. My previous Dell worked just find, but this one SUCKS. It crashed and had to be completely reformated one week after I bought it. :P But I was shopping for a cheap computer and I got a cheap computer.

Anyway, now I'm saving for a NOT cheap computer. Something portable but USEFUL. I'd like to be able to play some okay games (mostly, I just play puzzle games, but I'd like to run Sims 3 as well) and Corel PrintShop and all my business stuff too. Basically, I want to be able to use it for all the functions as my desktop. I've also been considering tablet PCs. I'm not exactly a hardcore graphics artist, but the mouse drawing gets tiresome, and I could never get the hang of my Bamboo tablet (to me, it's just like using a mouse). I thought it might be cool and more natural to draw on the screen itself.

I should have about $2000 in the next month or two. I have looked up a lot of different ones, but I'm curious if anyone here has a tablet PC and has used it for graphics stuff.

The model that has my eye at the moment is this: LIFEBOOK® T730 Tablet PC

My sister has a Fujitsu, and it's a really nice computer (1,000 x better than my Dell). Does anyone have one? Or another model/brand?

I'm also kinda n00bish with computer specs, so I'd love any advice on how to customize and where to put my money.
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Genejoke at 2:30PM, Jan. 6, 2011
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dunno much bout tablets but I find with most cheaper laptops the thing to watch is the ram and graphics processor. Nothing will slow a computer to a crawl quicker than insufficient ram, I would go for 4gb minimum.

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Ochitsukanai at 8:52PM, Jan. 10, 2011
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When I wanted a tablet PC, I asked a friend and he told me that a lot of them don't register enough pressure sensitivity to make them as good for drawing as an actual tablet. According to him, they're not really as good for art as one would initially suppose, or at the least not enough to warrant the increase in price.

What are the dimensions of your tablet? I had a tough time with my beloved tiny Graphire4 because it was so small, but I can use the medium Bamboo far more easily (although I'm still not much good). Have you tried tablets of different sizes?

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usedbooks at 9:10PM, Jan. 10, 2011
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Nah, I haven't tried other tablets. It's kinda difficult living in rural middle of nowhere. The computer stores around here don't even sell them. I bought the only one I could afford (a couple years ago). I think it's the medium Bamboo.

I just ordered my new computer, so I'll find out for myself. I actually draw with my mouse, and I don't think the program I use even registers pressure variation when one uses a tablet, so it might be a viable shortcut for me and what I do. If it isn't, I'll keep drawing with my mouse and use the tablet functions for presentations and note taking.

Oh, and I took Genejoke's advice and got 4gb ram instead of the 2gb in the standard configuration. I also opted for the digitizer that requires pen input, since I know I'm likely to rest my hand on the screen. Hopefully, I won't have buyer's remorse. ^_^; It seems to have good ratings and reviews compared to other tablet PCs and other notebooks in general.
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