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tha' bald Britney
Alexis at 9:14PM, Feb. 19, 2007
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soooo who do you pose for these pics?
i seem to notice you have a lot of these types of pics

I take most of them myself, but my friend JD actually took these for the Superfrat Spring Break special.
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draxenn at 11:31PM, Feb. 19, 2007
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I've thought about shaving my head…but I have this mole near my hairline that just wouldn't look nice without the hair covering it. :)

I don't have any tatoos either. The way i see it, there isn't a picture that I currently know of that i'll love for the rest of my life. tattos are too permanent. so I forgoe em.

I have a tongue piercing…but all I have to do is take the jewlery out and poof, no mores hole.

Now. as far as celebs go, I don't understand why people go ga ga over them. it's a childish mentality that i've NEVER been able to associate with(at least, not in my adult life)
I can understand enjoying someone's work, or even wanting to meet/speak with them. but diving into each moment of their personal lives and exploting or turning our heads at the ‘disgusting’ things they do, when we are as guilty for performing such deeds as they are.

So she shaved her head? Big deal. People do stupid things, especially those under stress and scrutiny. And on the scale of stupid, this is pretty low(low meaning not very stupid). It was likely a rash decision, one she'll probably regret(if she hasn't already)

But, that's my POV, and they do not necessarily reflect those of this website or it's people.

Oh, and very nice pics, Alexis. rawr. :)
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Terminal at 11:41PM, Feb. 19, 2007
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Bwuh, Reuters explains all.

Reuters Entertainment
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A tearful Britney Spears defiantly shaved her head at a Los Angeles hair salon after the owner refused to take part in the embattled pop star's latest extreme makeover, news reports said on Saturday.

The Friday evening visit to Esther's Haircutting Studio in the Tarzana district of Los Angeles was followed by a trip to a tattoo parlor where the 25-year-old mother of two young sons added two designs to her body.

The transformation came on the same day People magazine and other entertainment media reported that Spears recently entered a rehabilitation center in the Caribbean island of Antigua and checked out a day later. The reports were denied by Spears' representatives.

Spears' busy Friday night began in the salon of Esther Tognozzi, who told the syndicated television gossip show “Extra” that she was afraid to shave Spears' head in case she was sued for ruining the singer's image.

After Tognozzi protested that Spears was maybe being “hormonal” and would feel differently the next day, Spears coolly “grabbed the buzzer and started buzzing her own hair off. … I just cleaned it up when she was done with it,” she said.

Tognozzi said Spears seemed to be “just there in body and not really emotionally there,” but did get “a little bit teary- eyed” when she realized her mother might get upset.

The whereabouts of the hair was a mystery, although an enterprising person in Pennsylvania was selling 10 lots of the purported locks on eBay at $50 per lot.

After Spears' bodyguard paid Tognozzi a tip, the party headed to the Body and Soul parlor in the suburb of Sherman Oaks, where she spent $80 for a black-white-and-pink cross on her lower hip and red-and-pink lips on her wrist.

An artist at the parlor, Emily Wynne Hughes, said Spears appeared “distraught and disturbed,” and was difficult to work with.

“She was screaming and flipping out from the pain and wiggling her body all around,” Hughes told reporters.
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Friedenmann at 11:58PM, Feb. 19, 2007
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I think she's emotionaly immature.
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subcultured at 6:59AM, Feb. 21, 2007
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it seems she shaved her head to avoid getting tested for drugs
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ghettomagic at 9:39AM, Feb. 21, 2007
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i dont know who to feel worse for… Britney, kfed…or their kid.. jesus christ i feel sorry for that kid
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subcultured at 10:04AM, Feb. 21, 2007
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now that she's a freak of nature, i kinda miss her old self
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BigFishComic at 12:12PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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dude, she hasn't been stable since the k-fed thing began…

maybe she'll end up with some white-trash reality tv show like those carter kids or that bobby brown one.
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Alexis at 1:41PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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If she really did shave her head because of not wanting to get tested for drugs that's dumb. They can take hair from anywhere on your body, arms, eyebrows, eyelashes, she can't shave everything. I know people who shaved their head for drug tests before, it doesn't work. Especially since the hair is on Ebay…
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subcultured at 1:44PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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she was seen shaving all her hair
hair is like a chemical diary because they're dead cells
they can probably see how long she had been on a certain kind of chemical

maaan she must have been doing some serious shit
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ozoneocean at 3:16PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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All her hair? She still has her eyebrows in those pics.
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KomradeDave at 3:17PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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maybe she'll end up with some white-trash reality tv show like those carter kids or that bobby brown one.
She had one, it was just as bad.
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Atom Apple at 3:53PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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I think people are being stupid when they say they should take her kids away. She hasn't done anything yet that would warrant that.
i will also like to know you the more
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subcultured at 4:17PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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Us magazine has an interview with Britney Spears' (former?) nanny and the source says that when Britney is alone with her kids, “she gets overwhelmed. She gets so frustrated when they cry, asking, ‘How do I make it stop?’ But she loves her kids.” And if you've ever wanted to be Britney's nanny here are some of the job requirements.

Personal Over Professional
“Britney didn't ask me one thing about my child-care experience. She only wanted to know about my personal life.”

Friend Wanted
“The agency that called me emphasized that Britney was looking for a nanny who was young and hip because they wanted her to interact with people her own age. Basically, Britney wanted a friend.”

Comfort With Nudity A Plus
“Britney asked me and one of her nannies to come to her room to watch her try on outfits for a party one night - then she stripped down naked in front of us!”

Must Be Hands-On
“One nanny told me that Britney will hold her kids for 10 minutes and then say, ‘I’m done now. You can take them.'”

Don't Be Too Good
“She doesn't like when Sean prefers the nanny, so she fires them and looks for a new one.”

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puck the duck at 7:01PM, Feb. 21, 2007
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Also the wig is sooooo sexy don't deny it you know it's true ;)
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SpANG at 5:10AM, Feb. 22, 2007
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dude, she hasn't been stable since the k-fed thing began…
I persoanlly think it started when Madonna started mentoring her.
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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Phantom Penguin at 5:30AM, Feb. 22, 2007
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I shave my head all the time. But i don't make the news!

..well there was that one time, but that doesnt count.
I have a few tattoos and they, at least the artists i've worked with would not do someone that was crying or flipping out.
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Neilsama at 2:35PM, Feb. 22, 2007
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Atom Apple
I think people are being stupid when they say they should take her kids away. She hasn't done anything yet that would warrant that.
She married Kfed.

Seriously, though, I can't help but have serious questions about her role as a responsible parent. She obviously has some maturity issues.
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SpANG at 7:23PM, Feb. 24, 2007
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This video should clear up an preconcieved notions.

HUH? *twitch*
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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subcultured at 7:29PM, Feb. 24, 2007
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oh yea i saw this video a while back…kinda scary
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Priceman at 1:06AM, Feb. 25, 2007
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she reminds me of a mental patient

She reminds me of Jack from “Pitch Black”. The first Riddick Movie.
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TheTopHat at 4:52PM, Feb. 25, 2007
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Well thats the frist i ever heard of it. Oh well i don't really read a hole lot of clab suff.

Tell the turth thought i feel sorry for her. When she first started to go a little ‘off’ i couldn't be happyer, the end of her crappy music (woohoo). But know i really wish she'll store herself up, she grows up serounded by all these poeple telling her how to live her life and a hole lot of ‘friends’ and then when she trise to do somthing about her life herself she leaved to fuck it up and is holded by the meadia everware.

Mah maby i a solfy but hay. Really i dose don't wont to here about it.

To bad for the kids though. I feel REALLY sorry for them.
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that kid yellow at 4:55PM, Feb. 25, 2007
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wat the hell is wrong with her
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subcultured at 9:43AM, March 5, 2007
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CRAZED Britney Spears tried to HANG herself with a bedsheet before pleading with her estranged husband to give her another baby, we can reveal.

In a week of rehab madness the bonkers beauty wrote the number of the beast, 666, on her shaved head before running round the clinic screaming “I am the Antichrist!” at frightened staff.

“Later that night she tried to kill herself,” a friend told us. “She attached a sheet to a light and tied it around her neck. Paramedics were called, but luckily she was unhurt.”

But within days out-of-control Britney had swung from SUICIDAL to MATRIMONIAL as she told hubby Kevin Federline she wanted to take him back, renew their wedding vows and get PREGNANT.

The unpredictable 25-year-old star is now planning a new life for them and their two children in Louisiana as she sees out her stay at the Promises Clinic in Malibu, California.

A source close to the clinic said: “Britney has realised what a rock Kevin has been to her, and how out of control she has acted recently.

”She has been talking to Kevin every night for hours on the phone, telling him she still loves him.

“She just wants to be with him again, and thinks having another baby will seal their marriage.

”Britney seems much happier and has calmed down a lot. She's a completely different Britney from the beginning of the week.“

Staff at the addiction clinic will be relieved.

They have struggled to cope with the unhinged beauty who has checked in and out of rehab like a yo-yo, deranged by the torment of her break-up with Kevin last year.

Her pal told us: ”She is still very vulnerable. Last Saturday she said she had the number 666 written onto her bald head. She was crying, and shouting, ‘I am the Antichrist!'

“The clinic people just didn't know what to do. Then she started screaming, ‘I'm a fake! I'm a fake!' It must have been really frightening.

”When she tried to hang herself it was more a cry for help.“

And Kevin has responded to it. We exclusively revealed last week that he visited her in the clinic and promised to stand by her if she cleaned up her act and got well.

Since then the father of her two children, Sean Preston, one, and Jayden James, five months, has been a regular visitor.

A source close to Britney said: ”Kevin has been a real tower of strength for her and she has finally decided to give their marriage another shot.

“She thought things were over between her and Kevin after his wild partying and gambling.

”She felt he had deserted her and left her to bring up their two children on her own.

“She never even dreamed she would take him back.

”But Kevin's like a different man now. He's never been so caring before, and is really worried about Britney.

“He's been Britney's rock during her difficult time, and she wants to give him another chance.

”This week she even asked if she could have a night away from the Promises Clinic with Kevin. She's still waiting to hear if they will give her a pass so that they can go out for a romantic meal together.

“Kevin has also taken their two little boys to see their mum in rehab.”

Just weeks ago the couple were bitterly fighting for custody of the two children.

Britney was pictured crazily attacking a car with an umbrella when Kevin refused to open the door and let her into his house.


At one stage Britney offered Kevin £100,000 to drop a custody hearing over their two sons.

He refused the money but said he would postpone the court appearance until Britney had got herself sorted out.

Now sources say the couple have put their differences behind them and plan to renew their marriage vows as soon as Britney gets out of rehab. But while her love life is looking up, her health troubles are far from over.

It has been alleged the former pop princess's erratic behaviour has been caused by Class A drug crystal methamphetamine.

Crystal meth — which can be either snorted or injected — affects the brain and nervous system, triggering side effects like agitation, paranoia, confusion and violence.

Britney has struggled with drugs before and sources close to the rehab clinic have said she is attending sessions designed to address drug and booze problems.

Pals have claimed that they have seen her taking cocaine and ecstasy in the past.

But her behaviour has spiralled completely out of control since the beginning of the year.

She has repeatedly been photographed knickerless on wild nights out. She checked into a rehab centre in the Caribbean two weeks ago, but left after just 24 hours.

Then she went to a hair salon in California and shaved off her trademark locks.

A week ago she threatened to kill herself by gulping down two family-size bottles of painkillers.

A pal told us: “Britney held up two bottles of Tylenol (an American painkiller) and shouted, ‘I'm gonna do this, this is it! I'm through with the whole f***ing circus'.”

A female friend was there and managed to talk her out of it.

“Britney was terrified Kevin would get full custody of the children after her public breakdown. She kept crying and said she would kill herself if she lost her boys,” said her pal.

“She's relieved to see the end of the custody battle. Now we're all hoping that she can get her life back together.”
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Lace at 8:55AM, March 6, 2007
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personally im sick of hearing about both britany spears and anna nicole. why dont they let anna nicole rest in peace already! i mean uhg! i know her life was full of sadness and happiness like the everyday joe, but now is the time to celebrate her life instead of carrying on the crap. Well, back to britanny spears…

she sickens me period. she used marrige to get her jollies back when she married her childhool friend for 1 day. i swear, most celebrities (not all) can't hold a marrige to save their life. it seems like that with alot of people with money. do people EVER get married for love anymore??? when marrying someone my opinion is you have to know everything about that person and know that you would be comfortable with them. it takes time…

As for her shaving her head, thats her business, if she's nuts, thats her business but the media saying “oh shes in rehab” blah blah blah, it makes me think its just some stupid media stunt to put attention on her and make her seem like she's trying to better herself. watch, in a couple of months, maybe even years she will be back on tv for doing something stupid again. you would think that if she wanted her children back then she would get her act together and show everyone that she isnt some loon. i'm not buying it. never will. celebs are infamous for media stunts!

some celebs are worth respecting (will smith and jada pinkett smith for example with their long lived marrige and angelina jolie for her humanitarianism)but as for celebs like britany who craves emo attention, i hope u love the attention becuase youre going to be looked at as crazy for a long time. =)

Believe in your dreams and your determination will last you a lifetime…
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