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The 'Good thread' thread. [Informational forum threads for all]
Skullbie at 2:40AM, Sept. 3, 2008
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I'm going to make a list of informational thread topics i find in DD, smackjeeves, concept art, panel and pixel or other archives. I've read through them and made sure the info is good, so go ahead and click away!

Please don't post in the threads listed! Some of them are going to be downright OLD and necroposting is frowned upon big time-just read them :P

(listed randomly-from Drunk duck) These threads tend to be pretty mature and on-topic, but DD only features might be listed.

most common cliches in webcomics
DD self-publishing thread,online publishing sites
Increase your comics popularity?
What makes you click on sig banners?
printing your comic
posting your webcomics on other comic sites?
how do you know you have fans?
Negative publicity
do you plan endings or are they made up as you go?
Do ‘good’ comic creators get more respect when posting?
Kid Raging over a 1 page only sprite comic being rank #10
how often do you keep track of stats?
another how often stat thread
word balloons; part of art-not filler
Why manga style??
Sexism in webcomics
discussion on transparent word bubbles<-ignore RobertTidwell's posts
50 characteristics of a bad artist
mary sue litmus
tips on naming your webcomic?
best time/day to post?
project wonderful?
best ad size with the most clicks are?
domain vs. Drunkduck
ad banner tips?


(listed randomly from Smackjeeves) less civil in nature than the DD threads, these offer crucial info to comic making-(mainly manga)-
major manga/webcomic turn-offs
making manga okay if you're not japanese?
beautiful males-turn on or turn off?
Copying art???being original impossible?

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Raccoo at 4:43PM, Sept. 3, 2008
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Nice work, Skullbie. I missed a few of those threads.

If only when someone starts to post a message like “When is the best time…?” the script would automatically show them the best time thread. Kinda like the annoying paper clip that tells you how to commit suicide…
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ozoneocean at 3:26AM, Sept. 4, 2008
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Excellent thread! Sticky :)
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