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The 300.
ozoneocean at 12:32PM, Dec. 10, 2006
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Mindless but pretty comic book adaptation of a classic yet ridiculously transparent Greek propaganda story, or clever and artistic rendering of an inspirational boy's own yarn that remains as true today as it ever was?

Or something else…

Personally I can't get over how fu**ing stupid the helmets are.
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ozoneocean at 4:25PM, Dec. 10, 2006
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For comparison, these two photos both featuring a real life brave Spartan in an image from the movie:
Number one, the DUMB movie helmets.

-looking like a mixture of Roman legionary's helmet, a spotty young child's version of a Greek helmet.

Number two, the helmets I've fixed to look like the much better looking REAL helmet style.

-The beautiful helmets you can see on Greek pots, on statues, dug up out of fields… the helmets that the real warriors wore, helmets that are the most classic and eduring symbols of both art and war from the classical world.
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MrColinP at 7:03PM, Dec. 10, 2006
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The movie looks enjoyable… it never claimed to be “historical non-fiction” or anything, you know? I think everyone goes in to it with the understanding that this is an over the top action piece, and those who don't… are probably beyond help.
Things I did not like about the trailer: The music… electric guitars? Should've stuck to just drums. And slow motion battle scenes- these always looks goofy and over dramatic. Show it like it would really happen, that's intense!

I've never seen someone so mad about helmets before. Show them your rage!!! I hope that you are a historian on those type of cultures and/or a “helmet enthusiast”. You helmet does look better.
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ozoneocean at 7:50PM, Dec. 10, 2006
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a “helmet enthusiast”. You helmet does look better.
Why thak you. That sounds vaguely penile though…
Oh, I know armour, and as much classical history as any student of the arts. Trust me though, it doesn't take specialised knowledge, in fact it's a lot more accessible than the stuff every 12 year old these days seems to know about Japanese swords.
Go to any museum with artifacts, look in any book with Grecian urns, etc. or do a Google image search for Spartan Helmets… -You'll mostly get good results that way… some Roman and some dumb sports costume ones too though.

Anyway, the movie is based on a comic of a very famous story. The story is not strictly a historical event, but a famous account of a historical event… Like Troy, but more jingoistic and told in a realistic way, and also less fanciful, but no more true… And on that note, they seem to be depicting the Persians in an extremely evil light, very much playing in with today's common mistrust (and often hatred), of all things Middle Eastern - and in that way staying very true to the spirit of the original story, which is quite a shame to my way of thinking. -because it's so obviously and childishly one sided (one could even say “Bushishly” so!), and in that way somehow evil and wrong to the soul of anyone with half an intellect…

Sorry if that seems to pedantic, it's just that visceral reactions aren't enough for me anymore. :( Plus, the film isn't really dealing with something that carries historical meaning, -although the story of Thermopylae and King Leonidas is quite popular and well very known- rather, it caries a political message that remains as strong as the day the tale was first recorded. And going by the preview and in light of world events in the last couple of years, if anything it's stronger!
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subcultured at 8:26PM, Dec. 10, 2006
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that guy in the middle is one bad ass spartan!
he looks like he's ready to battle the thousand nations of the persian empire…in the shade.
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