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The Address Bar Image
lucky7s76 at 11:38AM, Dec. 17, 2007
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I don't know exactly what you call it, but I was wondering how you alter that little icon in the address bar. Like how here Drunk Duck has the duck head next to the URL, and I've seen other comics with their own. How do I go about getting my own icon up there?

I've got a pretty good understanding of HTML, so if you need to explain it a bit, don't worry about confusing me. :)
By the time you finish this, you'll have read it. :3

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crocty at 8:34AM, Dec. 20, 2007
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Ok, I saved my picture as a PNG, in dimensions of 16x16, but I don't know if you could save it as anything else.

Right at the top of my page it says
    Frank and Vinny

You put your icon on the internet on some hosting, and fill this in

I think that's it…
Well if there's something you still don't know, ask me.
Or if you think I'm a dribbling insane idiot, join the club.
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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