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The Black Dahlia
SarahN at 6:28PM, Sept. 14, 2006
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So I heard this wasn't very good….or mostly just confusing.
…but uh…I was looking up stuff on this murder (I like learning info on weird true stories like this)….and found a bit more than I wanted to. :smt078

….basically saw her cut in half as well as….her face…*shudder*…I'm more squeamish to real life death I suppose…
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Mazoo at 8:03PM, Sept. 14, 2006
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The idea that this story was based on a true story facinates, yet creeps me out completely.

I'm not sure I'd see the movie. I'm not too keen on horror fliks.
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Mazoo at 5:15AM, Sept. 15, 2006
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If the guy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn't even in Texas and didn't use a chainsaw… I don't really see where they can get the story from then.

I'm afraid I don't believe you, equinox. Sure, the movie'll hollywood-it-up, but that almost seems ridiculous.

I wish they would make something on the Green River Murderer. I think that's what he was called. He was a serial killer who would purposefully leave the police clues but everything was coded and the police never broke his clues. They said that he was a mathmatical genuis. Never caught him either. Hey, even if it isn't exactly true, it'd still make a good story.
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ccs1989 at 11:25AM, Sept. 15, 2006
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No, they can basically take anything and say "Based on a True Story". Because everything is based on something. Ideas have to come from somewhere. Say there's a guy who's coaching a basketball team, made up of mostly minorities. Take that guy, make the movie "Coach Carter" (with Samuel L. Jackson) and say "Based on a True Story".

Even worse are the "Based on True Events" movies.

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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Ian Jay at 8:35PM, Sept. 15, 2006
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…Can I say that I still kind of want to see this movie? Because I do. After watching his take on The Untouchables an hour ago, I've decided that I like Brian DePalma. He's not afraid to use almost ridiculously dramatic camera effects. Plus: Crime movies are cool.


PS: Can I make snap judgments on directors based on only one of their films? Heck yeah I can.
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magickmaker at 7:55PM, Sept. 26, 2006
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It was a good movie. I didn't really see it as a horror movie, though. It wasn't anything like the actual crimes, from what I heard about them. I would've done research into them, but it sounded like there'd be some seriously creepy stuff.
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