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The Devil?
subcultured at 8:46PM, Dec. 2, 2006
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i never said all religions beleive in God/devil…i said the universe is in a constant state of balance, everything has a polar opposite..which is why most religions have those good/evil, ying/yang/, cold/ice philosophies
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Aurora Moon at 11:10PM, Dec. 2, 2006
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while it is true that there are two polar oppisites, most people often forget that with two sides, there's also a middle ground. ever heard of Netuality, Black/Grey/White….

so in order for exemetre polars to exist, there must be something netural to counteract BOTH the good and the bad. because after all… without Neurtality in effect, all this exemete oppsite stuff going on could easily destroy everything without the middle ground to keep both at an balance instead of always conflicting.

if everything was always conflicting, then we would had never been born. Because there would never be an stable world where humans would be able to surivie in. without a little stablity such as the middle ground aka neturality, keeping the balance between order and chaos, Earth would be always in turmoil.

anybody ever Read the Elric Saga? then you'll know what I mean. to those who don't read the series, let me explain it this some more:

Earth is always going though all sorts of changes; for both good or the bad. that constant change is what keeps us alive. without the ever changing weather, our plants would never surive. for example, some crops would just plain die out if there was only one constant weather pattern. Too much rain nonstop, the crops would drown and die. Too much constant sun, it dries out and dies.
and without our crops, how would we live? yes, we could hunt animals for food then. But a lot of animals out there depends on the plants. and if the crops were affected, then it's most likely that the other plants in the world would be too. and without the plants, there can be no grass-eating animals. without the grass-eaters, the meat-eating animals that hunt those grass-eaters cannot surive. and so the chain goes on…

People define Chaos as something that is in Constant Change, forever shifting and Changing. So when you think about how the Earth is often going though changes with its' ever chaning weather patterns, seasons, etc… you could say that we depend on a form of Chaos to keep our lives going on…

However, TOO MUCH of Chaos can throw everything out of balance.

but then on the side of Order… in order: there is no Change. EVER. Everything has to be constant. If there was changes, then order would have to keep on rearanging itself, which of course could result in chaos. and think of the effects that I listed up above about what it would be like if the earth stayed constant, without any changes at all.
also, compete order in it pure form is sorta creepy. The Elric Saga describes the relam of order as:

A white, pure blank of nothingness. It is truly an white void, without sound or life. it is an state where everything is always constant.

again, humans also need a little bit of things that are constant in thier lives, in order to give themselves something that'll always be familar and safe to them.

So we need a little bit of Chaos, we also need order. But how to keep both needs from conflicting? the Middle ground, of course!

something we often forget and take for granted. I hope this post made sense, lol.
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ozoneocean at 12:33AM, Dec. 3, 2006
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There are some short posts here, but they all have enough substance.

Not all religions believe in good/evil, very few actually do. It's only when we view them through the lens of Christianity. Many religions actually believe that all Gods have the power to do good things, bad things, nothing at all, play jokes, help, hinder as they see fit at the time. Just like humanity. Good and evil do no realy exist and their have been a LOT of religions that were sophisticated enough to understand that. Christianity is a lot of things, but it is NOT sophisticated, there are traditional animist religions in northern Australia more subtle than Christianity.
That's actually one of the reasons for the huge popularity of Christianity: its simplicity. People have truned towards it because it gave them such an easy alternative to their far more complicated (and I would say realistic) philosophies.

Even the Chaos and Order paradigm is flawed. There is no such thing as chaos, it's merely a term that we use, but there is no chaos in reality. What we perceive to be “Chaos” is actually vastly complicated “Order”, the difference is really between perceived Complexity and perceived Simplicity. As for Change, well everything is always in constant change, even if you can't see it.

But what about Energy and Entropy, aren't they the two forces at work in the universe? Even then you could probably argue for the dominance of one over the other: Rather that there is no Entropy, merely the movement of Energy from one place to another.
I like the devil when he gives us wonderful eggs and ham and that movie with him and mrs Jones although when elizabeth hurley played him in that movie I got a funny feeling in my pants even though i thought to myself dude he's totally a dude with a goatee. Plus how can you not beleive in the devil the guys good in everything hes in scarface rocks although Heat was pretty soso, that maybe shook my belief in him a smidge.
Sorry man, this is a place for actual debate only, boring serious stuff mostly, although jokes are fine but only within that context. If you want to post for jokes and funny comments, all the other forums are fine for that :)
Just not here. -those posts are delted :(
-It's nothing personal, it happens to everyone.
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