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The funniest radio program I ever experienced.
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When I was in high school there was this radio station that everyone in my age democratic listened to that sadly no longer exists. Unfortunately that happens often with many radio stations but that's not what I wanted to share with you today, oh no.

There were these two DJs that did a lot of weird stuff together. Many things you'd recognize from other stations like phone pranks and similar stuff but they also made their own radio plays called interesting names like “life in the terminal ward” complete with intro music and everything.

Well there's always one thing that always sits at the top of my list every time I reminisce about these crazy guys. The time they pulled that prank on a Nigerian scam artist.

It started when one of them got an e-mail from some “business” person who was trying to get some money out of Nigeria. Naturally, he needed a help with the endeavor and promised anyone who'd respond a cut of the deal. Whenever someone actually responds to a mail like that he's informed in a reply that he has to forward over some money to help with the liquidation of the cash. Since the money he has to fork over is mere pittance to the amount he stands to gain from helping the Nigerian out, the person who's now gone that far in the communications feels like he can't back out.

Anyways. The DJs felt like this was an opportunity they couldn't miss out on and responded, pretending to be a wealthy business man who owned a freezerhouse in Iceland. I've forgotten what they called him so let's call just him John since that was the name of the DJ who'd portray him in the future. The Nigerian responded and they started writing with each other. So for about a week they entertained themselves and their audience by reading out loud on the show what they wrote the Nigerian and what he wrote back. Then came the day the Nigerian wanted to talk to Mr. John. They decided to go on with it. This is where the hilarity ensued because the DJs decided to see for how long they could go on with pulling this guy's leg without him figuring them out and how ridiculous they could make the story and they created an entire soup opera around this guy.

It started of innocent. In the beginning Mr. John was very interested in talking to the Nigerians about the prospect of making money with these people. The letters always talked about this woman who was trying to get the hold of the money and that she needed help to acquire it. However the person that they got in touch with was a guy claiming to be her son. Mr. John finally admitted that he'd fallen in love with his mother while writing with her, that he wanted to marry her and that he wanted them to move to Iceland to live with him. Also, since he was gonna marry his mother, Mr. John wanted the Nigerian to start calling him dad. The Nigerian seemed surprisingly ok with it. Mr. John then started to dump on the poor fella all these personal problems that he was having, for example that he was clinically depressed and that he needed this deal to go through because he was at risk of loosing his freezerhouse.

Remember this is a span of several phone calls lasting weeks.

One day when the Nigerian calls them Mr.John is all upset. He has just lost his freezerhouse to his biggest rival, Mr.Ahab (At this time they were testing to see how much western literature this guy really knew, since he lived in Nigeria and all). The Nigerian was upset of course but John ensured him that he was still working on collecting the money he needed to help them out. It would just take a little longer. Later, when the Nigerian calls them, Detective Sherlock Holmes answers and informs him that Mr.John had committed suicide. My memory is a little fuzzy here but I remembered that there was this huge life insurance that John had and that his suicide note stated that it should all go to the Nigerians mother. It goes on that Johns body is stolen and that Dr. Frankenstein was to blame. It was somewhere around there when the Nigerian grew tired of this. Eventually the DJs admitted to the Nigerian,live on the radio, that they'd been pulling his leg the entire time and that they didn't have the slightest interest in helping him out at all.

Truly it was the greatest month in radio history in my opinion.

I'm going to see if I can find a copy of some of those sessions. Even though the DJs are Icelanders the conversations with the Nigerian were in English so you'd at least understand the important parts.
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