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The Giants Won???
albone at 10:33AM, Feb. 5, 2008
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I've found that more people enjoyed that the Patriots lost than the Giants winning. That's not to take anything away from the Giants, because the better team won that game that night, but lots of Patriot haters. In the interest of full disclosure, I hate the Patriots.
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SpANG at 11:24AM, Feb. 5, 2008
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I find it comical when people “hate” or “love” sports teams. How could you have such passion either way for people that just play games for a living? But there you have it. Besides, it's not like ANY player is true to the city they play in.

Too bad the public doesn't care more about who we elect to run the country and have reign over our economy, education, and safety. You know, boring stuff. :/
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UltimaXG2 at 11:27AM, Feb. 5, 2008
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I don't really care about sports either way, but I grew up in the New York area, so it's instinct, haha. Anyway, yeah, it is kinda sad that people don't care more abouot the economy and politics.
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