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The Great And Secret Screw
mapaghimagsik at 1:51PM, Sept. 4, 2007
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For those expecting a Larry Craig joke, you'll be disappointed. Basically, a secret screw (propeller on a submarine) became unsecret through the use of … Microsoft's Virtual Earth.


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Exzachly at 12:32PM, Sept. 5, 2007
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It had to be exposed right before I was gonna sell it to the Chinese! *frustrated gesture*
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ozoneocean at 4:29AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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Secret screw? Oh those are nice… Oh, propellers? That one looks very fanny. -as in “like a fan”. NOT as in bottoms or front-bottoms :P.
Good on MS! They did something cool for once! Google Earth Fuzzed out all the military bases near me ages ago :(
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Slowbro at 1:43PM, Sept. 7, 2007
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You can just imagine the bashing they're gonna get from their superior!
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mlai at 7:51AM, Sept. 22, 2007
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Hmph, the site has been removed already. Guess the men in black got to them.

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