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The Greater Live Performances of Music.
Terminal at 6:28PM, Jan. 31, 2007
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Aside from Woodstock, let's talk about some of the greater performances of music live. Seemingly so, this performance of the song "Black“ by Pearl Jam from the MTV Unplugged is wonderful. Mr. Vedder sings with such passion, such emotion, and it really shows. Not as great as Black is ”Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction performed with Incubus at Amoeba Records. Such a great play on both sides, not to mention the ending is pretty damn good, love those steel drums.
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Crazy Dutchman at 1:13AM, Feb. 1, 2007
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This preformance Morrissey's ‘The World is Full of Crashing Bores’ is so much better than the original. I don't really know what exactly it is about it, but it sound sooooo wonderful (and not even optimal quality). Also the stuff he sais at the end… so powerful!
And someone posted this on a other forum:
A brilliant preformance of The Who - Won't Get Fooled.
I don't really know much more, but what I do know is that Muse is ALWAYS great as a live-band. Especially when they play Knights of Cydonia, to experience that is so much better than when listening it on CD. With the whole audience just freakin' out, hear and watch them play those guitars like true heroes, seeing the lines on the screen behind them.. it all feels fantastic. Those are some of the best experiences, when the artists can make the audience feel like they've become one. For instance: I went to a little concert of The Streets and when they played the song ‘Fit But You Know It’ he suddenly asked all the guys to take their shirts of and wave ‘em in the air. After that they started to mix their own song with ’I love Rock ‘N Roll’ and it felt great. When I saw a video of the preformance later it wasn't that great, kind of dull actually but that great mighty powerful feeling when I was standing there, jumping, with my shirt waving in the air I will never forget.

I hate the fact that that of there aren't any descent videos online of that great Muse concert I witnessed last year, hope this will at least give a small impression on the beautiful piano-solo of Matthew Bellamy. :)
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