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The Hilton Epidemic ( A rant from a friend)
Deviant Lynx at 9:42PM, June 9, 2007
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I know its been touched on, this is a rant from my friend and he is certainly right.

Someone has to ***** about this…and it might as well be me.

I am sure the vast majority has heard about Paris Hilton and her ‘tragic’ time in prison. For those of you lucky enough to have missed out, let me fill you in.

Paris Hilton was arrested for driving while under the influence. Let me start off by saying…I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. None. I don't care what your excuse is, there really are none. If you are drunk in a bar, call a cab to get home. Find a designated driver, do something other than drive your own ***** car. So really, she's already lost points with me.

Let's add the fact she has no talent anyway. She can't act, she can't sing. The best thing she's known for doing is shoving a **** down her prissy little throat. So yeah, I really don't give a ****.

But of course since she's a celebrity, we've all gotta care and cry for her own stupidity.

Next, days before she is schedualed to go to jail, she throws herself a goddamn party. That's right…she glams herself up, goes out, and gets DRUNK AGAIN! Gotta go out with a bang right?

She appears on camera, saying how scared she is…to spent /45 days/ in jail. It's not a life sentence for crying out loud. Even the OJ trail was less televised than this, and he ‘allegedly’ commited murder! Poor Paris…she has to go to jail. No one has ever been there before! Totally new goddamn concept. Makes me wanna puke!

She even tried to go to the Govenor for a pardon. I don't give a shit how famous you are. You commit a crime, you do the time like /anyone/ else. **** you, *****.

Okay so finally she heads for jail. But it's not as simple as that. She gets her own cell…her own personal cell. As far as I know, jails are so full these days they usually have to put three inmates into one room to have enough space. Yet this glitzy porn queen somehow gets her own place? That pissed me off pretty good.

And if you've seen her mugshots, you know she's not serious about this whole thing. She's dolled up like a cheap date and smiling oh so pretty.

It's a ******* mug shot you stupid ****, not a photo shoot!

Two days…two days this girl spends in jail. Then she's sent home!! She's reassigned to house arrest because she supposedly had a rash and needed to leave. Oh and she also almost had a nervous breakdown, excuse number two.

So the poor pampered baby gets sent back to her mansion…with all these expensive electronics and gobs of food. She even had the gall to order CUPCAKES to be sent to her house.

Of course the state was outraged by this decision, as they should be. I've never heard of a regular civilian getting this type of sweeeeeet treatment. So enough complaints made the judge order her BACK to prison…for the remainder of her oh so painfully long 45 day sentence!

There were two hours..TWO HOURS of media coverage for this fucking ‘historic’ event as the cops came back to get her. Boohoo went Paris, crying out for mommy (quite literally) as they chucked her in the car and toted her back to prison.

It's not that I wanted to know any of this, or cared about any of this. But I can't turn on the ****** TV without hearing about it. Isn't there a war going on? Kids starving in third world countries? Horrible gang shoot outs occuring? Why are we wasting so much ****** time on this stupid ******??

She is just ONE girl…one tiny insignificant person. I am so sick of celebrities. I like movies, I like music. And that is ALL I appreciate them for. I don't care who goes to jail, who is dating who, who just had a baaaaaby. I don't ***** care! And I especially don't care about some rich **** getting what she deserves! Stop screwing around, Hollywood! You are no more special than us regular working joes. And you certainly don't deserve the truckloads of money you get for looking good and showing up to award ceremonies!

In other words…LEAVE-THEM-ALONE! Stop taking photographs of their every waking moment! Let them LIIIIIIVE will ya?! ******* media whores are some of the biggest parasites in the entire world…and I think some news places have WAY too much freedom. Who allows this **** anyway?!

Do us a favor and just keep her there. I know my life will turn the same it always has with or without her skinny white *** speeding down the freeway drunk off her ***.

Celebrities will probably never be treated like anyone else till they commit a terrible crime like murder.

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subcultured at 7:50AM, June 10, 2007
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there's already a topic about this:

i'm lockin this to prevent multiple topics, if you want you can copy and paste on the other topic
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