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The Internet: The Bastion of Stupidity and Shim-shammery
humorman at 2:48AM, Dec. 18, 2008
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The ideal of what the Internet could have been: a conglomeration of ideas in which people all over the world could discover and enrich themselves in valuable information through the click of a mouse. Instead, we have the actual Internet: every stupid fart joke conceived by the morons of the masses and every conceivable ripoff of said fart jokes combined into one amalgamation of utter idiocy. Now sure, you can find pockets of useful/meaningful data littered throughout the information highway, but why is it that every person I come across always wants to talk about some cat that plays the piano whenever the Internet is mentioned? Okay, I might be exaggerating about that, but then again, you have to admit there's some truth to that. For example, when you're watching the television, you'll see no show about Wikipedia, a community-created online encyclopedia. However, you will see TMZ on TV, a show based of an internet site dedicated to “expose” celebrities by stalking them with an armada of freelance amateur photographers. Another site that comes to mind is YouTube. Sure, it could showcase useful and intriguing information which I'll admit it does, but I'll bet a shiny nickel that you've never heard of people talking about looking up how a nuclear reactor works or information on the three dwarf planets in our solar system on YouTube. In fact, if you've ever seen any soft-news program mention a video on YouTube, it would've probably the one that answered the age old question, “Will a bundle of Popsicle sticks be able to blend in a blender?” The worst thing about the Internet, however, is that nearly everything posted on the web has automatically lost all credibility. Even writing this post seems like a pointless endeavor since people can easily dismiss it by responding with “Get a life loser!!1” or “tl;dr” (too long; didn't read). Look at any meaningful blog, or better yet a mainstream community/sharing site like YouTube or Facebook, and you're bound to find similar commentary. Now, i will once again admit that there are informative sites out there such as Wikipedia, Sporcle, HowStuffWorks, and MentalFloss, but the chances are that you've probably only heard of two of these sites at most. I'll also admit that I, too, have seen my share of stupid videos on YouTube on purpose, but it's not the fact that stupidity exists in the Internet that bothers me; it's the fact that this stupidity is held in high regard in this 21st century culture. The scary thing is how powerful the influence has on the rest of the media as well as people as a whole. I mean, with TMZ on TV on the air and music-sharing prevalent, television itself could become a glorified Youtube (like it hasn't already) and the music industry could collapse altogether, leaving only those crappy bands that try to “friend” you on MySpace.

Ponder on that.

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Ironscarfs Ghost at 4:39AM, Dec. 18, 2008
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Lolparagraphs dude!

That's probably a mild version of the kind of reply you're talking about but I don't think dismissive replies do anything damage the credibility of the original point myself - they only damage the credibility of the sender. It seems worse because they have a herding instinct, but personally I just skip over anything like that unless they've actually thought something through.

I think one possible reason for all of this may be the demographic of the internet:
I would guess that at this point it's still skewed towards younger users, although this is sure to change over time. Then we can complain that the net is nothing but nostalgia sites and ads for retirement homes. The people with most time on their hands are the young and the old, the old having mostly missed the boat and the young having a plethora of fart jokes.

I'm pondering the death of the music industry now. I like it. They were the worst thing that ever happened to music.
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isukun at 7:08AM, Dec. 18, 2008
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The internet is an unfiltered open community. Most people ARE idiots, so what do you think you're going to get when you let them post their own content?

It's also the reason why I wouldn't really count Wikipedia as one of those bastions of sanity in the madhouse that is the net. There is just as much useless, and quite often false, information there as anywhere else online. There is a reason most teachers won't let you use it as a resource for papers (it can be a good starting point since many people will link to legit sources of information, but it is far from reliable on its own).

Now I won't be so rude as to tell you your post is too long, but it could make that block of text a bit more digestible if you hit the enter key every now and then.

television itself could become a glorified Youtube (like it hasn't already) and the music industry could collapse altogether

I don't really see either of those scenarios happening. The music industry is finally coming to terms with digital distribution and youtube really doesn't work as a model for TV. Right now, streaming video doesn't have the infrastructure to support itself except through cable or satellite services. Don't count on those going open anytime soon.

Plus youtube as a site is too disorganized. It can be fun to wade through all the crap for a few hours, but there are times when you just want to sit down and watch something not made by the next angry emo kid with a web cam who thinks their opinion matters.

Also, the prospect of commercial free TV kind of requires some other form of payment in order to work. You want programming of higher quality, those writers, actors, studios and so forth need to be paid. I might be able to see TV move in a direction more like Hulu, where shows are available for limited times through an on demand service with mandatory commercials periodically throughout the show. These could just go through web sites like Hulu, or through cable services. DVR boxes already lock out recording for on demand titles and many cable services are archiving popular shows for a few weeks after they air. If all the networks could get on board with that, it could really revolutionize the way we watch TV.

Honestly I think we're moving towards a new entertainment era based more on digital distribution, but I have a feeling it will be the cable providers and gadget manufacturers who drive that market more than the internet pirates.
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YingYang Trouble at 4:43PM, Dec. 20, 2008
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I personally think the internet is just a mini world of ours that is growing bigger and bigger with each second.
And in the real world, There is Death and Violence against other because of our skin color and different ideas or just simply for a amount of money. We have disease and world wide hunger, We have corruption in our goverments and god knows what else!
…and the gripe you have most of all is that everyone is acting ‘stupid’ when they say a fart joke or they show a youtube video that isn't about anything serious?
We need to have these kind of random stupid things! I mean, can you imagine the news if all it was is about The war in Iraqi and the death of some wal-mart guy?(no comment on that)
And the music industry is not dying. It's just that simply albums are not being baught as much anymore. We don't encourge stupidity, We just sometimes have high standards that even the japanese look stupid sometimes.
The only thing I can say is idoitic these days are Reality shows on TV and stuff.
They just plain suck on ice.
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Ochitsukanai at 5:36PM, Dec. 21, 2008
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Reply tl;dr ^~

The main thing about arguments like that is the assumption that the Internet or content is either tasteless or intellectual, or as though there was something that it should aspire to. The first is a false dichotomy and the latter merely a relative concept.

Tastelessness and intelligence aren't diametrically opposed, and the “ideal” Internet is a relative idea.

Also, it rather overlooks the amount of content available. If you want a dog crapping tinsel on seven Boston cream pies, go for it. But if you want to read a philosophical treatise or learn about Cartesian planes or relativity (moral, cultural, general, whatever!), you're still covered. You can have either - one ‘type’ doesn't nullify the other. The first kind might be more popular, which is why it's featured in popular culture (and therefore becomes even more popular), but that doesn't mean the other type doesn't also exist in titanic quantities.

Summation - it's not the Internet, it's the users!

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kyupol at 9:45AM, Dec. 24, 2008
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that is why, to remove the stupidity on the internet, it should be regulated.

Before having a website, you must get a permit and need to be certified by the government to do so. That way, we can decrease the number of stupid websites and all the hate sites full of evil skinhead nazis and communists and religious crazies. Also, it can keep your kids safe from the pedophiles that lurk in every corner.

If that happens, there would only be a few thousand websites that are certified to be INTELLIGENT enough to be on the internet.

not that I actually believe in that, I'm just playing devil's advocate. That IS the propaganda of those who want to regulate the internet. Watch out!
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ozoneocean at 12:24AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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that is why, to remove the stupidity on the internet, it should be regulated.
No way man. Solution: Age limit. ;)

Make the net kid free. Adults will still put stupid stuff on there, but I won't care. The idiots are the only ones who like the stupid stuff, let them enjoy it. For my part I enjoy the intelligent content on the net. What threatens that aren't the idiots, it's the government forces and community organisations that want to regulate the content and make it “kid-safe”, as well as the companies that want to strangle the data flow and prioritise that of certain web-services that will pay their tolls.
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StaceyMontgomery at 7:51AM, Dec. 25, 2008
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The original post is funny. oh no, I didn't use youtube to find out about the exoplanet survey! Horrors! Somehow, this means that there will be no good music soon!

Does the OP also think that DrunkDuck will wipe out all the good comics?

Myself, I like the internet just the way it is. Everything I want to know about the exoplanet survey is at my fingertips, and thanks to the original post, I looked up the video where the cat plays the piano. Very cute.

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bravo1102 at 6:57AM, Dec. 26, 2008
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Silly people, :) see the Musical Avenue Q it'll explain why the internet exists. Porn. The Internet is for porn.
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MagickLorelai at 3:02PM, Jan. 3, 2009
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that is why, to remove the stupidity on the internet, it should be regulated.

This may not be what you believe, but I'm gonna respond to it anyway. x3

Regulation on the internet is still very possible, and a lot of people afraid of free information sharing are searching for a way to put a cap on just WHAT information can get through. That's the essence of censorship; fear. Fear of what being exposed to an idea you disagree with might do to you. Fear that others will agree with what you disagree with. Fear of being alone unless you shut up contrary opinions. Fear of being wrong- if that other person might be RIGHT.

People try to go, “But it'll CORRUPT our CHILDREN!!” or something along those lines, but one person's corruption is another person's enlightenment. Yes, a lot of things are majorly idiotic out there. I disagree wholeheartedly with the concept, much more the EXISTENCE of, 4chan, SomethingAwful, or Encyclopedia Dramatica, and at the same time, find myself giggling at some of what comes out of them. Would I regulate them if I could? Damn straight I would. The trolls from those pages uses anonymity as a mask and a shield instead of owning up to their sometimes genuinely harmful actions (like putting a flashing pattern on a website dedicated to epileptics, triggering everything from minor headaches to migraines to seizures).

But, if I want to sit here in my corner of the internet, be able to post my opinion, to share my work and art and creative expression, to not find myself trapped by censorship or regulation, then I can't claim that some people deserve more freedom than others. We cannot have “Some people more equal than others”. We cannot have freedom only to those that the majority agrees with.

Sadly, we cannot eliminate or eradicate stupid things on the internet. Goatse will always be burned into my eyes, and 2girls1cup will always make me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. The internet is a chaotic, idiotic, rampaging collection of fart jokes and trolls.

God, I hope it never changes. :D

(Also, my icon is oddly appropriate to this discussion).
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Ironscarf at 7:19PM, Jan. 3, 2009
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2girls1cup will always make me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

That's the third or fourth time I've seen you mention that so I thought I'd better take a look for myself. It's even worse than you let on:
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