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The Knights are upon us!
seventy2 at 3:06PM, July 5, 2010
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For those of you too lazy to visit the site:

They are building a medieval castle in northern arkansas, authentically. their plan is for it to take 20 years. This will be impressive to see.
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altprom at 4:10PM, July 5, 2010
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That is really cool. I would love to go there… but I'll be probably around late thirties, in which I will most likely have forgotten about it.
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Chernobog at 4:32PM, July 5, 2010
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Cool. More power to 'em. I like the old style castles a few random people in the States built.
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enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
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ironic humor, while secretly praying for a miracle.”
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Hawk at 9:43AM, July 6, 2010
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That's kind of cool. I love castles.

So, it'll be like some kind of permanent Renaissance festival?
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blindsk at 2:06PM, July 6, 2010
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A reason to visit Arkansas in twenty years!
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AriaBlarg at 3:51PM, July 6, 2010
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Any plans for an opposing kingdom? Still, pretty awesome.
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