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The Look of rockbands over the years...
ozoneocean at 7:42PM, Dec. 12, 2008
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I was watching my old DVDs of Led Zeppelin, and it occurred to me how skinny they looked… and how a lot of rock bands all looked like that in the 70's. And then I thought about how bands tend to have particular looks in whatever decades. So I made a quick pic of some different decade looks:

- Big, beefy, neatly dressed roackabillies from the 50's (the term might not be that old, but that's what they were).
- The slimmer moddish look from the 60's with a neat suit and stupid hair.
- Crazy haired skinny, messy people from the 70's.
- Beefy, muscled up, styled haired, “normally” dressed (in a contrived way), people from the 80's.
- Scruffy fatties with lank hair from the 90's.
- Oiled up, overly muscled up, pants falling off, kiddy mowhawk hair from the 2000's.


Obviously that is an extremely limited look at things… There are a LOT more styles to things in those decades than what I've characterised here. So it'd be interesting if somebody wanted to do an alternative version.
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lba at 8:28PM, Dec. 12, 2008
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Yeah, the mainstream has gotten a bit fatter and baggier over the years, but a lot of underground bands have kept that slim look. Like these guys. They're part of the post hardcore scene which evolved from emo and it's characteristic skinny pants and almost-emaciated style.
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