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The Make A Friend Thread
DerrickEwing at 2:55PM, June 9, 2007
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I'm 24
I'm a Cajun from Louisiana
I'm a very very lazy artist, but I draw alot

I just figured out my favorite color is white, well I'm only 75% sure of that.
I'm a Mechanical Draftsmen.
I weapon train alot.
I love to fight, but I don't hurt people.
I like to practice falling down.

I could always draw, but I didn't take It seriously until I got out of High school.
I like to joke and play around. You should never take me seriously.

I read alot of comics.
I work alot.
I drive 100 miles a day.
I spend my whole day daydreaming.
I live in my head.

Life is just one man's battle with reality.

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half_demented at 9:00PM, June 9, 2007
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hi! im tyler and 13 years old. i just recently made a comic called “animal squad,” please coment if you wish and i would like to have a friend
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Generic Human at 7:40PM, June 10, 2007
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I am Dragon… I'll give my real name if I ever get published, and don't really care to give my gender because I'm sick of stupid people making assumptions on it. (not say any of you are stupid- I've just run into them elsewhere.

ten bucks says you're a girl!
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