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the matrix remade and 1000 times better than the original
bongotezz at 4:34PM, Aug. 31, 2007
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jmt at 12:02PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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This is awesome!
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MediaMessiah at 4:39PM, Sept. 5, 2007
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that is sparta
A hot kiss is like a loose spiderweb, someones fly is gonna to get undone
A democrat is someone who would be a republican if he had the money
A blond can be bad at history and great on dates
A golfer yells“FORE”, takes five, and writes down three
A brassiere is a device to bring out a girls best points
A husband is a man who gave up priveleges he never knew he had
Bad Sex is an oxymoron

if any of these made you laugh, grin, smile, or any happy expression read my comic
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Slowbro at 9:43AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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If I were him I'd've used the original audio.
But that was amazing, It mus've take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyygeeesss
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